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need help from you

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Hello Schnuppes! :)


Just in case you are wondering what we talked about in our last posts and I laughed... it is not something...to be missunderstood :)


Mimis made a joke by saying that maybe since it is a hard time here in Greece... we should think of becoming profecional translators! :laughing:

That is because we are both in the Greek translation team... who is translating the geocaching site into Greek... :D

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Shoot it to both of as if you like to have second opinion . You never know with Greek language ! :laughing:

But you said something about translating to English first ? Why ? What is your starting language ? Maybe it will help having also the original and the translation to English to combine them in Greek . Just my two cents (now with inflation maybe three !)

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Can you place a new cache between the existing caches in Prasonisi area?


and one of them is for the lighthouse of Prasonisi.

Also keep in mind that it is not an easy task to wright Greek characters in a cache listing ! You need html and varius tricks to do it.

Also most of the informations you are giving already exitst in the three mentioned caches . Maybe i am missing something but if you want to make the translation in Greek just confirm it and you will have it in a few hours .

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I think the distance is fare enough and the landscape is realy fantastic. And an earth cache maybe is an good idea.

I constructed my listing in HTML - what do you mean exactly with "varius tricks" ?

That´s the reason why i like my hobby very much - you meet frendly cacher all over the world...

Regards and thanks Schnuppes

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I know that you have to play with the html to pass the greek characters .I am not an expert in the use of it so ...

If you look around Greece most of the caches are in english. Not because we dont write or use the Greek language well enough :lol: but because Groundspeak have not included the Greek characters in it's pages. I started anyway the translation and I thing I will passed first to Gatoulis to confirm the well done before sending it to you :)

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cool you live in a very nice place!

I love it.

What do you mean, could you translate my describtion?

Regards Schnuppes


Your translation is ready my friend! :)I posted it...in the personal conversation area... ;)


I wrote if you are kiding me.. as a joke! I was not expecing that the transpalion was for an earthcache in my island! :laughing: and when... the lighthouse to lighthouse cache... is half mine! :laughing: Yes!! it is a fantastic area but during winter when the water level is high... it is not safe to pass! it is very dangerous and the stream is strong!


Just imagine that when I was in the army... we couldn't pass it... officers didn't want to take the chance... during a night exercise... to lose someone... :)


I am still trying to find out who is burried on Prasonisi! have you seen the grave?



it is on Prasonisi... very close to the sandroad... where a tiny old house... probably for goats... is...

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And a point i have to clear with Gatoulis is that " Prasonisi means green island in Greek ."

I believe it does not ! It means the island of Praso which are some kind of onion like vegetables ! Maybe we should exclude or refrase the explanation of the name !


Even in wikipedia it is as green island... I an not sure how the name was taken... but the island is green compearing to other rock islands near rhodes! It even had a old observatory for fires... bu it is not in use anymore...


I have the feeling that the Praso here comes from Prasino.... and actually not from Praso but from Prasia... the green plants...


I will have to check this out... but τhere is not a problem there at all...in that...


I found a greek site saying the same thing... that it means green island... so...


Mimi... I am writing in english so our friend can understand too! ;)

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