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Android OS Field Notes

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Still new to the game, but enjoying it all the same! Learned more this weekend about how to hunt. I have an Android based phone with GPS and I use the c:geo app. I have had people tell me to get a stand alone GPS, but for now my phone is doing just fine. One problem I am having...I don't like to log while in the field. I just want to save my finds and log them all when I get home. I can't figure out how to do it. Right now I have to go to my history and look up each one online and log it. Does anyone with Android OS and c:geo app know how to upload all the logs at once?





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What app should I be using? I downloaded it when I first started a year ago. Is there an "official" app?

There is an "official" Groundspeak app, and other apps that have Groundspeaks approval.


You need to find a setting which will save a field note, but not post a Found.


You can then access your Field Note later to log your find.



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I used the official geocaching app on my Android this week-end (version 2.1.1) and I have seen one small bug in Field notes uploaded to the geocaching.com website regarding the log date.


The date shown next to the field note is shifted by a couple of hours. I mean, a cache found on 11 November 2011 at 17:00:57 (the time I saved the log in pending logs) shows 09:00:57. That is -8 hours. I live in France and using my Garmin Oregon 450, uploaded fields notes are shown local time on the website without problem.


As I used fields notes with logs uploaded from both the android app (new caches) and my Oregon (already existing ones), this shift makes it much harder to keep the caches logged in order.

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Another up and coming app is NeonGeo


Been using this alot recently on my phone and tablet, allows the use of pocket queries and a search of the area you are in, and in the latest version allows you to search for other neongeo users (that allow location).


The feature you ask for, you can say for a certain cache whether you log your find online, or as a field note


As an app I find the whole layout more friendly, but on a tablet the real estate you get on the screen is great, slightly worried as i've been using the tablet as a device for searching for the cache in "the field" than say the phone or the gpsr

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