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2011 Holiday Mission


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Got ours in today, and I have to say, Thanks. The package is awsome and our favoite thing is the hand paited items. Dont get me wrong all of the other stuff is great also. But as a artist, I love the hand made items. Again Thanks and Merry Christmas from the Clarkbowman Clan.

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Updating: Please post when you packages arrive. Many that haven't arrived yet do include a trip across an ocean.


Also, Lewisclan, I'd be on the lookout for yours.






lorca.nl (dog)


sheltiedogshowlover - kaylee

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that or lorca doesn't have internet. Hasn't logged on in a month, and hasn't replied to my emails at all. I did get an email at one point saying they had been sent out, somewhere close to Dec. 16th. So I know that the packages went out, but I have no idea exactly. Part of the reason I dropped out of the math trade this time around was I hadn't gotten anything back in this mission to see if I could use it or not...i was getting a bit low in tradeables.


I know that I haven't gotten a package yet, and really i'm going to wait until the end of the month before I claim defeat and admit it's not coming. Ditto for sheltiedogshowlover's kaylee as that one also came from lorca.


Still no word if mysteriousrose ever got hers or not.

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I sent mysteriousrose a PM. Got no reply. No idea if she got hers.


I sent lorca a PM. Got no reply. No idea if she got both of hers OR sent either of hers.


I still haven't received my package, and I'm assuming sheltie's kaylee hasn't either.


I'm probably giving up hope by next Friday.

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Still haven't received the package. lorca did tell me that a package DID arrive last week but had to go to the post office to pick it up. No idea if it was the human package or dog package. If that's true, then we may be looking at another 1-2 weeks for it to get here.


Oh well. hope everyone enjoyed the mission.

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well, at this point, here's what I can confirm.


1. EVERYONE got a package sent out based on messages sent to me.


Mysteriousrose and lorca.nl never confirmed if they got a package (lorca had 1 person and a dog)or not despite repeated requests to confirm.


clarkbowman and Ashallond (who both would have received from lorca) confirmed they never got their package. I know that is true still for me, but can't confirm about clark.


I will say that last week I did get a nice small replacement package from someone (really don't want to go looking up who sent it on the address list :) ) for the Christmas mission. Loved the Bah Humbug hat...sort of summed up my mission experience this time around.


Any other updates will be appreciated.

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