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Pocket Query Frustration

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I am so frustrated. I just purchased the premium membership a few weeks back. Planning a route for the weekend. I started two days ago creating a route. I finally worked thru all the glitches of why I wasn't getting the query in my inbox, and then today figured out why my phone wouldn't unzip the file. FINALLY, I can open the pocket query in my Geocache app. Problem, you ask? I want to make the list smaller...from a 10 mile stretch from home to the nearest city, I got 156 caches. I am only searching 1 mile off the road I will travel. What I would like to do is review those listings, pick the ones I would like to visit and make a list of only those to send to my phone. Is there a way to do that?



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You can preview the list of caches produced. Go to the pocket queries page and where it is listed click the first box to the left side. It will come up just like a regular search by zip code or home coordinates do. I bookmarked each one I wanted to stop at and then ran a pocket query from the booklist. Probably a better way to do this but that is how I did it.


that way you can expand your search and have more to choose from but only pick and choose the ones you want.

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