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tracks revert to hidden when unit powered off

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Title says it all. I don't remember this happening till the last update. I really loved my oregon till this happened. I'm mapping an area and need to make a lot of little tracks that I need to show every time I am in the area! :mad:


So far there is over 30 segments. I don't have to do this on any other model I have, my oregon 450 went from awesome to useless!! :mad:


I haven't called garmin yet. I already know you have to tell it to show on map, I don't know what else to do to make my track preferances stay.


Anyone heard of this yet?

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OK, I just got off the phone with garmin. They asked if I updated software and I said yes cause I thought I did. THen they said it was the way it was supposed to be. :blink:


I had a fit and they told me where I could email a suggestion. I went to another thread and it said there was an even newer update. I did it and it seems I'm back in business.


Why on earth would they intentionally make it default to hide all tracks?!? Why would they tell me it was supposed to be that way?!?


I'm just glad its fixed for now. It holds 200 tracks, I would hate to have to thumb through them all to select only the 30 or 40 I need.

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