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How do you become a reviewer or mod?

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For starters about 2,000 more finds and at least 200 hides more than you have now. That will get you into the Charter membership area where you are at least allowed to ask the question.

Your number of finds and hides have nothing to do with a Charter Membership. A Charter Membership has nothing to do with becoming a mod or reviewer.

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From the Knowledge Books:




11.7. Becoming a Volunteer Cache Reviewer


How do I become a volunteer cache reviewer?


Thank you very much for being interested in this role! Groundspeak asks geocachers to become volunteer cache reviewers for geocaching.com based on an identified need in the local area. Qualifications include:


experience level (most volunteers have hidden dozens of caches and found hundreds or even thousands)


reputation within the local geocaching community


involvement with any local geocaching organizations


demonstrated ability to work with land managers


communication skills


intimate knowledge of the Geocache Listing Requirements / Guidelines


The best thing you can do if you'd like to become a cache reviewer is to work on each of the qualifications described above. Then when you least expect it, you maybe contacted by a local reviewer or Groundspeak inviting you to join the volunteer reviewing team.


Until then, we encourage you to build on your skills and experience needed for the role.


Again, thank you.


A search of the forums would have come up with a few threads about this topic.


A search of the Knowledge Books would have also been productive.

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