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FTF Dilemma

The Switch
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So today, just about two months into the game, I logged my very first FTF! I got the notification at 1:14, got to GZ by 2:40, and logged the find by 3:05. Not sure how it didn't get snagged before then, but I somehow made it. I have, however, a dilemma about logging the FTF.


The gentlman, who was very nice, asked if I'd share the FTF since he is on a 35 month streak, and very much wanted to ensure he hit his 36 month. Thinking nothing of it, I said sure and we both signed the log. He did tell me to sign first under the FTF line, and I did just that. We replaced the cache and chatted a bit before parting ways. But then something started to eat at me...


Being my very frist FTF, I think a part of me wants all the glory. Am I crazy? Is a co-FTF really something to get worked up about? Should I just realize I truly was the FTF and let it be a personal victory (of which I do)? Not sure what protocol calls for here or what etiquette is on FTF's. Any help from seasoned cachers would be very much appreciated!



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The gentlman, who was very nice, asked if I'd share the FTF since he is on a 35 month streak, and very much wanted to ensure he hit his 36 month.

I don't think allowing someone to claim "Co-FTF" diminishes your milestone. There are no officially recognized "FTF" rules. :anicute:


In your online log, it would be nice to say something like "both of use were searching together when I found it, so we both got Co-FTF!" So the other guy can get his 36th month, and congratulations all around. I mean, he kinda helped by ruling out some hiding spots, right?


The only thing I'm really careful about is not making my log in any way seem to be saying I found it first, in a Co-FTF situation when someone OTHER than me found it first (you never know how seriously the other guys play it, some people are fruitcakes. Present company excluded of course). Just avoids any hard feelings and confusion. But other than that, if 100 people are there searching when it's found, sure, they can all get "Co-FTF" if they like.

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You make very valid points all the way around, so let me first say Congratulations on your very first FTF. I think we've all had similar thoughts like yours. We've shared FTF's that were very clearly found by us, but as a gesture shared it to be polite. We've also had the flip side where the person has clearly said, you found it, its yours. You win some you lose some. Since you are fairly new to the game I am guessing there may be a time later on down the road that you might need the help of this other cacher, so since you agreed to share it and the fact you said he was nice I would just leave it the way you agreed to. You have every right to be proud of your find and maybe the next one will be a solo FTF for you. There is no written rule here, its simply just a thing of etiquette.

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Everyone plays the FTF game the way they want to. For us, "if you search as a group you find as a group", regardless of how close you are to each other at the time its found. For most of the cachers that do FTFs, its all about the same. Yes it great to find it solo but if you share with others they will share with you. We have almost 300 FTF's, and almost a third of them are CO-FTFs.


The important thing is that you and the other cacher both know who found it first, and you both know that you were nice enough to share the find. In the long run its better to take the high road and to "play nice" and to have fun with the game. If you get to be known as a jerk, not a lot of others will be willing to help in the future with other caches. This game is filled with a lot of fun people and of course a few jerks. The question is how do you want to be remembered?

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Thanks for the quick words of wisdom and insight. After talking with Mrs. Switch (so much wisdom in her mind!) and everyone's insights here, I calmed down a bit. No need to claim it all for myself when he was there too looking. I can only hope, that if I were in the same position as he was, that someone might be willing to share it as well.


Maybe since I have yet to cache with a group of individuals, and only gone solo, I'm still not use to sharing credit on a find. It would do me well to get involved in a local chapter of a geocaching club!


BlueDuece, you're so right. FTF is just an added bonus to the wonderful game. The second I make it out to be more, I should reconsider hunting them.


I'll just be proud of my accomplishment and let it stand at that!

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I will also say congrats on your first FTF!

I had a FTF with one of my earlier finds and really didn't think much of it. As I get more finds and see the same names that get FTFs, I know know that being the first is a big deal to some folks. So congrats, coFTF or not.


My personal story is that I signed the log first and even logged in first, but some other guy on his log says he was FTF, to each is own I guess....

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Just a note to add:


I realize my comments where out of line and not needed. I learned long ago to always wait to respond instead of instantly react. I paid no attention to that life lesson today. I didn't even realize exactly in what way and probably how much having this other cacher there probably directly led to my discovery. Just chalk it up to a noob being naive and overly passionate about something. To the fellow cacher involved, if you ever read this, my most sincere apology. A new geo-life lesson is learned.

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The gentlman, who was very nice, asked if I'd share the FTF ...

I don't worry too much about FTFs; I have a couple from years ago, but the local competition is keen, and since they care more than I do I leave their fun to them.


Were I in the situation I understand you to have been in (two geocachers present, one makes the find) I'd treat it as a shared first to find; think of yourselves as an "impromptu team". For an example (which I wasn't part of, but wish I'd been there, just for the laughs) look at this one:




The first cacher arrived two hours before the find and was joined by FIVE others before the find was finally made. Their logs do mention who finally located it, but it could have been any one of them. I'm sure that sets some kind of record.

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I've had some solo FTFs, and 100 shared FTFs on a geocycling adventure with a large group (at least 17 of us cycling, plus 3-4 on ground support duty), and they were both equally fun. Some members provided much appreciated ground support, meeting the group at trail intersections with drinks and food, and of course they also shared in the FTF experience. Actually on the series I shared in, anyone logging it the first day it was available, up to midnight, could claim a shared FTF. My friend and I also happened to chase another cacher for some FTFs and were quite satisfied to get STF (Second to Find). A bit of light-hearted competitive bragging rights fun. The point is to have fun with it, and everybody wins!

Happy caching!

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