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New Feature Request...Cache Types

Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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Is it possible to add another "cache type".

Puzzle Cache.

Definition, "a cache hunt that you cannot complete without the printout."


Going on frequent road trips, I'll occassionally download a bunch of co-ords using EasyGPS. I always exclude Multi's and Virtuals.


Be driving down the highway and say "Hey, I'm ahead of schedule...let's hunt!" Turn on GPSr, nearest waypoint...go find it, noteless, clueless.


Can be a gas. But if I get to a cache like this one...

"Too bad, I hid a boot!"

Or even one of my own...

Th' Calculatin' Cap'n's Cache

Yer Scuppered...and don't even know it.

On the recent trip to Portland, I got to the co-ords of the aforementioned boot cache, and there were a hundred great hidy spots well within tolerance...

Well needless to say, I'd like to be able to exclude puzzles from the download list, so I don't spend an hour in the bush, only to find out it was impossible to find in the first place without a laptop and a Pocket search to check before doing each hunt.

I know I'm not alone with this issue, as I've seen logs at caches where others have tried the same thing and had the same result.



Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

:D Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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I see your point in the current definitions.

I don't know anyone who actually does label a cache with only one "co-ord objective" as a multi.

I did some looking around at caches and there seems to be a gazzillion or so that would then be technically mislabeled.

I wonder why, when a cache is being approved, that isn't caught by Admin and anything that fits the descripton "An offset cache (where you go to a location and get hints to the actual cache) is considered a multi-cache" be relabled before approval...

Although...the boot one I referenced doesn't even have that...it's a puzzle in the description, you don't go to the original co-ords, ever.

So I think again, I'd like to see a new cache type...Puzzle Caches, If you need the printout to make it work, (which isn't true with all Multi's), then it's a Puzzle Cache.


I know it's not as earth shattering as some of the stuff here, just a little thing, It's just that then I don't have to read every one of the 100 or so descriptions before I click the download to EasyGPS button to make certain I don't need the printout before I start.


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

:D Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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I must agree with this, I use the pocket queries and download a bunch of traditional caches, in order to just pop up my GPS and go find a cache. A couple of times I've come across caches that aren't traditional, since the cache isn't at the coords.


I would agree with another cache type or some other way to differentiate that the cache ISN'T at the coords supplied.

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1. What's wrong with using the "unknown" cache type (the one with the question mark in it) as signifying a puzzle cache?


2. For my multicache, Elves in the Heights, you can do the cache without the cache sheet even though there are math problems to solve and instructions to follow. I put the instructions inside the container for the first stage, instead of on the website cache page.



It's only when you look at an ant through a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames.

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I have to agree with the above, a new cache type for puzzles wouldn't be right. The problem at hand is if you need a printout. This could be a puzzle or a simple fill in the blanks. Also, not all puzzles need a printout.


The problem would be going back changing the cache type or designating if the cache finder needs a printout.


Here's what I propose: New designation--not new cache type--"requires printout." The designation will be a three-state one; "undetermined," "required," and "not required." When the new data type is implemented the default state would be "undetermined." Jeremy sends out an email explaining the new designation and asks the owners to set either "required" or "not required." [He also asks that owners review their cache type and off-set caches be made mulitcaches, if they aren't already.]


Now, to handle hands-off owners, if the cache is still "undetermined" a finder has the option of making the cache "required." They don't have the option of going the other way. A dowside to this a malicious person could make it "required" and prevent it's download on searches that exclude those--but I think it's a minor problem. The owner could always change it to "not required" and remove the option from the finders.


It's a little self policing, something I like.


I think this is a good solution--might need a little tweaking. Input welcome.


Whatcha think?



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