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Duplicate Logs

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Assuming you're looking to clean up duplicate finds. Run a MyFinds query. Put it in database in GSAK


Search > Filter > Logs, select type, and Number "greater then or equal to (enter the number) 2.


When you run this filter, you'll only see caches you've logged with 2 or more then one Found it! logs


Should be a short list, easy to work with.

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There is no tool directly on the Geocaching.com website that will identify the cache(s) where you've logged multiple finds. The statistics tab on your profile will flag the problem for you by saying that you have X+3 finds on X geocaches. There are at least three ways of finding out which cache pages contain those three duplicate logs:


1. Download a "My Finds" pocket query and run it through GSAK as noted above.

2. If you don't use GSAK, go to Project-GC.com and use the Find Bad Logs tool. This is web-based and requires no data manipulation on your part - just authentication to this website -- a trusted Geocaching Live! API partner.

3. If you don't want to authenticate with Project-GC, go to your list of "found it" logs, accessed from your profile page by clicking on "Geocaches." Copy the table and export it into Excel or other spreadsheet tool. Sort the data by cache name and scan the list for duplicates. If the duplicates aren't located, repeat the process by examining your "Attended" logs in case you double-logged an event cache.

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