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Geocoinfest Trick or Treat Trackable bag


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Ok so I'm heading to Geocoinfest on Thursday night, but have some coins that won't fit in my carry on. Boo hoo. Anyways, I sorted them into 7 packages of 10 trackables. First 7 people who want them can have them. $3 each... plus shipping --- some will consider it a treat, others a trick since all coins are from the same design from an event I did this year, just different versions. There are also 5 tags. There are no micros, but there will be duplicates. Email me, no IMs please.


But still 10 trackables at $3 each, is good for the caches right?!?


1. sold

2. sold

3. sold

4. sold

5. sold

6. sold

7. sold

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Dang. I missed your sale. :( My release/drop pile is woefully lean, and I have been waiting and hoping to get some more of your grab bags. What an evening to be offline. Have fun at the Geocoinfest. I am waiting to hear where the next one will be; 2012's event may be in a location were I can attend.

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