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Benchmarking App for Android


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A few weeks ago, one of our users mentioned writing a benchmarking app for Android cellphones. Has anyone tried it, and how has it been working? Are there any restrictions on which phones it can be used on? I have heard that one carrier is blocking all third-party apps on the Samsung Captivate. Any comments appreciated!

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After reading this article in American Surveyor, I checked out the website mentioned and found this page. I tried it in Google Earth and it works great. Have not yet tried it in the Android

Yeah, I saw that when I had started working on my app. That works fin, it uses the "My Maps" feature, which allows you to upload KML/KMZ of a file to Google Maps, and then access it on.. well, anything that can read 'My Maps'. (Like the Droid Maps app.)


The downside to this is (and one I wanted to avoid in my app), if you go to an area you didn't plan for, you wouldn't see any marks..

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I use their Find-a-control every so often. Issue is, you have to physically search for your location before loading the marks. And no marker showing where YOU are in relation, and no logging/photographing (not really needed for professionals..) But, it's a nice little refined app. :)

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