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I'm a long time dirtbiker and cacher.. Tahuya does have quite a number of caches accessible via OHV trail (and a LOT of trails too by the way).. lots of caches up in the mountains too, in the Gifford Pinchot area, Manastash/Taneum has some, up in the Mad River area near Lake Wenatchee.. in the Green Dot road area around Coluckum Pass etc. I have placed a couple myself up in the Cascades that are accessible only by dirt bike.. or by foot :^) lots of options, but that season is about over, although Tahuya is open year round and is great riding in the winter months.. in fact, it's better then in my opinion.


and nice video quads.. I was just over in your area a couple of weeks ago (camped at Kamiah).. I was on a adventure bike, although we rode the Lolo trail and a few other local dirt/4x4 roads..

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Capital Forest near Olympia has miles of trails to dirt bike on.


Here is a cache in the area: GC2EG90


Capitol is a great place to ride, but pretty much only during dry weather in my opinion. The clay soil there is the slickest stuff on the planet when it gets wet.. literally as slippery as ice. The state also closes it down from November through April.

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