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Are You A Newb Buying a GPS?

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When I bought my first GPS (etrex HC)I didn't want to go head first into a gps because I was not sure I would continue caching. Probably not a bad move but I soon decided to look at paperless units.I picked up a Magellen Explorist 310. WOW, what a difference. If you can afford to get a unit with paperless caching it is by far the best way to go. I am certain many others feel the same way. I also downloaded an app for my phone which I use to log while I am still at the caches, if I am doing a bit of unexpected short distance traveling, and for google satellite maps. The Explorist 310 has done me just fine. It get's the job done. Well yesterday I did it. I decided I really like geocaching and expect to do it for many years so I went out and bought a Garmin 62st. Man, I love this thing. The compass is the bomb and although I have yet to cache with it I did some accuracy tests around town and the thing has been spot on. As a first gps it may be a bit intimidating but as soon as you get to know it the thing is real easy to use.

In my opinion if you can afford the higher end units go for it. You won't be dissapointed. If your not sure you'll continue caching or do not want to spend the money they all work. Keep in mind that if you follow a path similar to mine the units do tend to hold their value as long as you keep them in good shape. I have no regrets on the path I took because it was a fantastic learning curve.


I hope this may help some of you.

Take Care

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Don't rule out the Montana series. Personally, I don't think you will find a better paperless geocaching unit. Larger display and easy to log your visits right on the unit. I wouldn't go back to the buttons and joystick models myself. Go some place that has multiple units and physically try them out. Each unit has its advantages and disadvantages and they all have lots of people that love them so you can't go wrong in buying any of the advanced devices. If you are truly starting out, I would suggest buying a used previous high end model, then upgrading when you figure out what you really like and want in a device.

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I was pleasantly surprized with my oregon. I agree with getting the most advanced unit you can afford. There are other features besides the paperless caching that are featured. I didn't think I would like the touch screen and it's true that buttons get touched inadvertantly but sometimes I don't like to lock the screen so that's really my fault.


When I got my million dollar astro for tracking my doggies I thought about selling my oregon, I had just gotten it on sale from rei so I could easily recoup the cost. I have found I love them both! I really like the big screen on the oregon, and it's so much easier to type notes and names.


I sometimes use the oregon to mark and modify a waypoing and send it electronically to my astro!


The astro is supposed to be based on the garmin 62 but my oregon seems more reliable. Sometimes the astro compass jumps while the oregon remains steady. I got the astro to track my dogs with but it does paperless geocaching as well. I also use it while hunting. I keep a differant gps with me though.

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