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What's the one thing apart from.....


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your GPS (and pen) you couldn't do without when caching? Bare minimum? Obviously, apart from legs and common sense!

In other words, if you could only take 1 other item on a trip, what would it be?


Now... I have done without a GPS before and my most recent find was signed with a stick and mud paste (again) so I can do without a pen. Although legs would appear to be a given, I did actually complete a cache in Coventry last month by sliding down a bank on my stomach and then crawling to GZ but I suppose I did need my legs to get to the area in the first place. Common sense???.. I rarely take this.


Eyes...I think we often take our ability to see very much for granted.

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Madame La Baton

Are you sure you always take it... ;)


Well, she gets left behind when I'm on the bike, since I haven't found a good baton-carrier for a bike. There used to be such; when I was at uni, I'd see all the jocks pedalling around with their hockey sticks in a hockey stick holder, but when I tried to buy one recently I was told that they're no longer made because they're too dangerous. Elf and safety gone mad, I say. Maybe I could use velcro straps.


And then there was the time when I did a micro. "Took nothing, left walking pole" but fortunately the next cacher recognised Madame La Baton and we were soon reunited.


She's great for helping me stay upright, since the natural tendency of two-legged locomotion is to fall over especially on rough or slippery terrain, she's a Plus Six Stick of Poking, she can get things out of trees instead of me having to climb up and fall out and when I meet an aggressive dog, she puts herself between me and the teeth.

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your GPS (and pen) you couldn't do without when caching? Bare minimum? Obviously, apart from legs and common sense!

In other words, if you could only take 1 other item on a trip, what would it be?


I'm still a newbie and can't afford a hand held GPS yet so I use my smart phone for the moment. My bag also has a pencil, obviously (and some bits for swapping) but my best companion is my Leki walking stick. Great for clearing nettles and making me look like a slightly disabled rambler, rather than a stalker! :anibad:

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For me, nothing is absolutely essential. I often grab my Blackberry and pop out from work at lunchtime on a whim (I work in London), and just go in my office wear and fairly often forget to even take a pen. I've also found one or two without even a GPS, so strictly speaking it's just me that's required.


Having said all that, when I go on a caching trip then my essentials are some sort of stick, a hat, a couple of pens and any TBs I happen to have to be moved on; nice to haves are a small pocket telescope and a multi tool.

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Hmm... iphone or camera. Both good as diversionary tactics for muggles with the phone having the edge as it may just get me out of trouble too! I'll go with the iPhone I think.


I don't need props for my diversionary tactics. I have this dance that I do, guaranteed to make everyone in the vicinity pretend that I'm not there.

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I live in a rural area so new caches are far and few between. This means most of my caching is done near where I work, over my lunch hour. Plenty of parks and nature trails to get me fairly deep into the woods but once I have found and replaced a cache and before I walk away I always do a pocket check. Gps? Keys? Wallet? Cellphone?


Obviously I always carry the last three even when I'm not caching so I would say the one other thing I bring along is a walking stick. Very handy, many uses. Stability, defense, moving aside weeds and cobwebs, pole vaulting over creeks, poking into holes, wrangling hard to reach caches, pointing at various interesting sights.


Of course, I have left my stick at a cache. I know, I'll add it to my checklist.

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