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Hello! I hope this is the right forum for this topic... Starbuck2011 and I have created a free podcast combining our love for the sport of geocaching with seriously awesome tunes. At least, we think they're awesome. :anitongue: There are several podcasts out there about geocaching that do the in-depth talking analysis of the sport and they are awesome at it - we approached it with an eye (ear?) more towards themed sets of music that would be awesome to cache by, with snippets of discussing the sport, caches, events, and reviews of geocaching related material (some geocaching fiction, movies, etc). Starbuck brings a fresh perspective as a relatively new geocacher, and I've been doing it for a few years, long enough to know how much I love it, and am dedicated to it. The podcast is available on iTunes (search for "GeoPunk") or at the following link http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/geopunk-podcast/id471092313


We'd love it if you check it out, and provide any feedback or things you'd like to hear in upcoming episodes. Right now, it will likely be a monthly podcast - possibly with an eye to the future of making it biweekly. We're more than happy to receive recommendations on music, themes, or discussion topics, too.



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options for those NOT WILLING to infect their systems with quicktime?


Hmm, the raw RSS file is here: http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gprss.xml but hopefully you are more L337 than I am, because I sure don't know how to run it. :) The direct podcast links are:


"http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe1.mp3"'>http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe1.mp3" Episode 1 - Hello



"http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe2.mp3"'>http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe2.mp3" Episode 2 - Night of the Living Cache



Editing to see if I can just provide the mp3 link without embedding ><

Edited by Starbuck2011
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