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Loading caches to my car?


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I'm looking at a Toyota Highlander, and can't find answers about the navigation (gps) system in it.


Can you load (the equivalent of) a POI that has multiple caches?


Can you even manually enter coordinates on it or just addresses?


How useful is it for caching (obviously not for finding the cache itself, but for driving around between caches)?


From the lack of info I'm finding, I'm wondering if I'd just be better off with a Nuvi for driving like I use now?


What about Nav systems from other car makers like Honda, or others?

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I think it's possible to do manual coordinates, however one issue with trying to navigate directly to Geocache coordinates is that the GPS usually will want to take you to the closest road to the coordinates, which is not necessarily where you want to be to actually get to the cache. (For example, trying to navigate to a cache behind a store at a strip mall might take you into a subdivision behind the mall.)


Don't know if you can do this with your car system, but with a a Nuvi you can check the route out before you start driving and adjust the destination point to somewhere that makes more sense. And of course it would be a lot easier to get cache locations onto a Nuvi. Especially if you were to use the GSAK Nuvi POI Macro that can store paperless style info on many Nuvi models. (Haven't personally used any other car GPS units, built-in or not, so can't say much about what you can do with them.) I do know there are some systems Google Maps can apparently send locations to, but Toyota isn't listed at all.

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