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Temporary Taiwan


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I'm going to be moving with my family for a few months to Taiwan (south-west area, but we want to see the country). I was wondering if we have any active Taiwan members here to point us at some cool caches/sites/etc?! :) PM me!


A bit late, but...


I regularly visit Taiwan in the HsinYing region. The caches are few and far between outside of Taipei, but there are some good ones in the mountains. I would recommend Desing Waterfall http://coord.info/GC16MM4 (beautiful place, but a long drive!) and Wu-shu-lin http://coord.info/GCR8BB (great puzzle multi with good endpoint - takes an hour or so)


If you want to pickup/drop off TBs and GCs then the southern taiwan science park cache http://coord.info/GCRQHJ is a secure place that pretty much guarantees an overseas jaunt. Watch out for the lawn sprinklers, though - the gardeners have a 'sense of humour'.

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