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Instant Geo-Messaging?

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I agree with Leatherman - I'd be in favor of it if I could turn it off and on at will.


I like talking to people, and am happy when I get email (well, okay, usually - lol) from other Geocachers. Being able to talk "in real time" would be really nice.


But there are times when I'm doing work that pushes my Windoze system to its limits, and the last thing I need is an IM window popping up and pushing it over the edge into the "Blue Screen of Death".


What would be really cool is if we could have a chat room that was available 24/7. Then, we could drop in and talk with several cachers at once. This happens on some of the groups I'm on at Yahoo - people will drop into the chat room spontaneously and chat.



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Originally posted by Crusso:

Since the bottom of the main Groundspeak page shows all cachers logged on, Is there a way of instant messaging? Would be nice to contact someone on the boards directly.


Sounds like the basis for a feature request: A profile field for people to stick in their favorite 'instant messaging/icq/whatever' id if they want to.


hopefully it will come sometime well after GPX, though.

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