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Garmin Venture HC Base Map Is Junk

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Just bought a Garmin Venture HC and was surprised to find out the base map is junk. We started geocaching with a cheap Lowrance iFinder Go2 that has a great base map. I was hoping the Garmin would be much better. I checked out the Garmin site and for an additional $129 I can get a map as good as the $20 ifinder came with for free. I saw some posts here about free base maps. So, what do you guys recommend. If you say give Garmin more money this baby is going on ebay. Thanks.

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gpsfiledepot is a bit complex for a newbie, but I got it loaded. Was surprised how big the files are and my Etrex was only able to hold my state. Thanks for the help

Venture was lowest price color eTrex! like other base models, memory was intentionally limited so they could charge more for a device capable of holding more maps. It was not designed for cross country/globe use. They want you to buy maps, therefore only primitive "base maps" are included.

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Most hand held units have crappy base maps. ....

Without debating the definition of "most", allow me to note that the DeLorme handhelds come with 5 DVDs in the box which have the detail, residential street level maps for the entire US. Also included on the DVDs are numbered rural roads, such as BLM, USFS, etc., leaving nothing else to buy or aquire from third party sources.

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