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I found a geocoin along with some other trackables in a cache that had just been enabled a few months ago. I took it with me and when I tried to log it the site said it was unactivated. I tried it a few more times to make sure I had the right code, and it still came up as unactivated. I decided to try and activate the coin but the site it came from (oakcoins) said the code had already been retrieved by somebody else. I didn't see the code written anywhere in the coin case so I decided to contact the owner. That was a while ago and I still haven't gotten a response. So I have an unactivated coin that I can't get a code for. Any advice?

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Your email may have gone into their "junk mail" even if it's from their profile (I've had it happen) sp try again, if that fails you could contact Oakcoins and ask them to contact the party make sure you explain the reason why otherwise they may just tell you to contact them.

Good luck

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Also, please note that if an unactivated geocoin was left in a cache without a note saying that it is a gift, then geocaching etiquette says you should treat it as swag and you should trade evenly or trade up (ie. the item you trade it for should be of equal or greater value).


So, if you plan to keep this geocoin you should be putting something similar (ie another unactivated geocoin) back into the cache you got that one from. :)


If it isn't practical to put the trade item back into the cache you retrieved the geocoin from then you should certainly put it into another cache. And a note with it stating that it is a trade item is always helpful. (And stops a lot of confusion)


Have had another thought on this too - might be a good idea to check the logs for the cache to see if you can trace who dropped the coin in. It could be possible the person dropping it in wanted to activate it and may have forgotten to, or didn't know how to.

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