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I'm having same situation, although somewhat modified. I receive the weekly newsletter, reviewer notes and notices when they publish a cache of mine, Groundspeak store notices and confirmations, and e-mail notices when a cache and/or trackable have actions that are only on my watchlists.


What I am NOT getting is any of the email notifications on any cache activity on my owner caches and/or owned trackables.


I've looked all over the profile and cannot find an option for setting e-mail preferences, so have no idea why I do not receive notifications on my own items.


Anything I can find in the knowledge books say I 'should' be receiving notifications, but I am not.

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I was getting replies on all my stuff until about three days ago... turns out for whatever reason that Gmail started sending everything from noreply@geocaching.com to spam - even though there hadn't been any problems with that before. Perhaps either something about the notifications have changed or gmail standards have changed -either way, I'd check your spam folder, esp if you use Gmail. I just set up a rule to exclude that email address from spam, and everything popped back to normal for me. :)

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Yes that is exactly what has happened. All the notifications are in my spam box, should be an easy fix. Thanks for the help. :D:o


Same thing here. Either a gmail or GC originated problem. Would like to know which, but at least can get it fixed now.


Thx cachers !!


Thanks I have been having the same problem, but just had a look and there they were in my spam folder! Thanks for finding the solution!

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Hi guys. Ok i've got the same problem. I had 5 new caches published a few days back and am receiving no new owner log notification emails for those caches at all. Not even in a spam or any other folder. Weirdly, i am still getting owner log emails for my older/existing caches (even today). I've checked all settings and can find nothing wrong,its just the new caches that are affected. The email address is correct. I've tried contacting the reviewer incase its something to do with settings at their end. Anyone had similar problem or can help?

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