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My Geocaching Comics: Mietzecacher on Tour

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Hello Geocachers out there :)


Since I enjoy Geocaching for over year now I decided to start a Geocaching Comic and started with the publishing over a German Forum. Now I try to translate every Comic and upload it here, too. I hope my english is not to bad ;) I try to upload at least one comic every month :)

So I hope you enjoy my Comics, feedback would be appreciated.


If you like the comcis or if you want to see the newest comic on your Frontpage please visit and like us on facebook












Please don't use my comics anywhere without my permission! If you want to link the comics in a Blog or Homepage or whatever please email me.

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Inappropriate clothes? How about no clothes. Look at this article on the Nude Cacher. http://www.notaboutthenumbers.com/2011/02/07/shhh-ive-been-caching-naked/


Yes. Gary is free from textile bondage as he puts it. He has found a few of my caches and I have met him a time or two. Nice guy. I understand he and MtnMan were separated at birth. If you don't believe me look at their pictures. :anibad::laughing:


Running into him on the trail would make for a funny comic strip.

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You know what would make for a great comic strip. Heck, a dozen strips....


Without a shred of a doubt an adventure strip to:


Necropolis of Britannia Manor III


Hidden by the really cool gazillionaire game developer and casual aquanaut/abyssal-cacher/astronaut/astro-cacher extraordinaire and personal friend to the gc.com founders....and from what I hear just a regular guy in person, Richard Garriott aka Lord British.


If you consider the resources it took and what his free time must be worth in dollars, Necropolis is easily worth 50k to 100k and that is all things considered. Sure he had help, but what a result! 202 Favorites so far! Just awesome!


Take a gander at the gallery...




Hey, if you make any money off of your cartooning, you could write the trip off.

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Ah! Cool geocaching comic! This is something I've been contemplating doing for a while, as there's so much experience to draw (ha!) from. Alas, too busy out geocaching to sit down and work out characters and artwork.


Maybe some day.


In the meantime this is great! :lol: Especially like the cacher dressed as a sausage!

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