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Geocache Kit-any ideas?

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Have a look around the site. Do a search! This sort of thing comes up all the time from what kind of pack people use to what they carry in there packs.


Here is what i generally carry.


Leather gloves- Many caches are in or under hollow logs. You never know what might be in there with the cache.


Flashlight- to see into those dark holes


2 30 gal trash bags- For CITO opportunities, they also double as emergency rain cover


4 freezer bags- In case a cache is in need of a new bag


note pad- Helpful with doing Multis or if a cache log is full and there is room in the container for an added sheet to the log.


Bottle of water- no explanation there


50+ft paracord- Never know when you may need a bit of rope


Pen- another no brainer


hand sanitizer pen- Works as a great disinfectant for any cuts and scrapes you may get


Swag items (small toys)- duh


4+ cereal bars- A good hike needs some good trail food


3 or 4 film cans- Replacement containers if a cache is in bad shape. Not the best but will work till a CO can get out and do some maintenance.


Folding saw- Been several occasions on the trail i find trees and limbs over the path. Just doing my part to help maintain the path. It also came in handy once retreving a cache that fell into an 8 foot tall hollow stump.


large camping knife- Never know when a good knife can come in handy


3 sets of spare batteries- Batteries are always going dead on a GPSr


Compass- My GPSr doesn't have an electronic compass so a magnetic compass comes in handy at times.


First Aid Kit- for obvious reasons.

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What everyone has posted. We use a back pack. I have found a need for a flashlight. Pen, Plastic bags to help out if a container is wet and extra containers in case the one there is badly broken. Swagg for sure. Maybe some kind of poking stick in case it is under a bush you don't want to stick your hands in.


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I use a Camelbak Mule NV containing the following:


1. Swag

2. Travelbugs and Geocoins

3. Otterbox for iPhone

4. Fisher Trekker Space Pen

5. Gerber Infinity Flashlight

6. Gerber Suspension Butterfly Multitool

7. Canon S95 Camera

8. Aloksak bags (running the gamut in sizes)

9. Rite-in-Rain Logs (runing the gamut in sizes)

10. Pencils

11. Cache containers (decon, micro, and nano)

12. Marmot Power Stretch Gloves

13. Lansatic Compass

14. Bushnell Powerview Binoculars

15. 3M Ultrathon Bug Spray

16. Tick Key

17. Afterbite Pen

18. Lighter

19. pH Strips

20. 3 1" Rare Earth Magnets

21. 50' 550 Paracord

22. Duct Tape

23. Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub

24. Lightweight First Aid Kit

25. Ponchos


That's it.



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A leatherman tool is great. Also, I take items for replacing/planting/restoring caches, including micros, small containers, logs, pencils, and ziplock bags. Notebook, and multiple pens/pencil. More importantly:

DUCT TAPE, camo and black. No substitute for this.

I take flashlight/mirror/water/compass: essentially survival gear in case I hike further than planned.


iphone has become a must for me. I use it to paperless cache




Camera (iphone now works for this).


I have a smaller bag with cache swag and my travel bugs for park and grabs, and a dedicated backpack for longer treks.

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