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Universe Pirates Geocoin

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I'm working in this design few weeks ago, and I'd like to do it -one of the three versions posted- as soon as I find the best store to make it and sell it.


So don't know exactly when I'll do it, ...I'd like this year or early next :)



3D Skull & Bones

Bare metal -Antiques- with some details in enamel.

Trackable, with own icon


Are not pirates nor corsairs nor filibusters nor buccaneers, ...quite the contrary, they are Guardians of Caching Universe: 'Universi Custodibus Caching'


v1 - Original idea:



v2 - Different back side:



v3 - Back side in 2D:



v3x5 - Universi Custodibus Series:


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I like the idea. v3e is my favorite and v3c is my second favorite. I like the new design with the bones contained in the coin, because I am a purist and like my coins to be perfectly round.


As an aside, I assume that the four symbols around the skull are meant to be ancient symbols introduced by a civilization outside of humanity. The ankh, the cross in the circle, and the Celtic triskelion strike me as very old symbols. However the Templar Cross strikes me as being only about a thousand years old, but I could be wrong.

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Yeah, I too like the back v2, probably I'll choose make this face in 2d, ie the bones inside the circle. Also because it is cheaper <_<


On the other hand, as far as I know, the Templar cross (cross pattée) is an evolution of the cross inscribed in the circle (sun cross) ... as they themselves have their roots in the first custodians (the first seekers). Really, all crosses have a common origin B)


Strange?, yes of course, are not from here :D

May be they continue caching, across the Universe and also here, with all of us... :P


Thanks for all your comments, are very useful to me!

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Hi there!


Finally the coin will be named Universe Pirates.

I've decided to do an event the next June 16 with the first coin in the series -Sirius version- so after this date I'll offer some coins for all of yours :)


There are (not minted yet) two LE versions, $12 each (plus shipping):



The coin will be in my hands early June, then I'll put pics.

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Well, here's the cointest! :D


The subject:

Imagine the possible origin of the skulls used in the design.

I mean its possible origin in space and time.


The rules are:

  • The answers must be related to science fiction ;)
  • Only one response every 24 hours.
  • The text must not be longer than 50 lines or less than 10, and should talk at least about three of the five skulls.
  • The cointest ends when Universe Pirates in my hands, hoppefuly early June.
  • The winner will be chosen by yourselves.
  • Each contestant will give their vote to one of the answers.
  • In case of tie, I will choose one at random.

The prize:

One Antique Gold coin of this first edition in the series: Sirius version, that I will send to the winner as soon my event for this coin ends, next June 16.


Good luck and fun! :D

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In the film Contact Jodie Foster said " I'll tell you one thing about the universe, though. The universe is a pretty big place. It's bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it's just us... seems like an awful waste of space." And I have to agree, there are too many unexplained events and structures here on Earth to ignore completely :)

If you look at our own little world we have people of all shapes and colours, granted we are all just different models of the same genetic blueprint but as there are many posssible planets out there that could have life then depending on the evolution on each planet it is not unreasonable to think that their physical shape would be different too.

I believe that the skulls on the coins are all that remains of various visitors our planet has had over the centuries. Having arrived here at different times in our social and evolutionary calender I'm sure they helped us to progress in areas we would never have thought about.

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I'm stuck in a hotel room on a business trip so I had time to ponder. Here's my story...


Actually, an Egyptian artisan had an apprentice learning to make mirrors. The apprentice made a bunch of bad mirrors as he was learning. He took the bad mirrors and placed them outside the shop standing upright on the side of the building. As the noon sun hit the group of mirrors, an alien invasion force saw the really bright light reflecting off the mirrors. They took that bright light as a signal. They beamed down acrossed from the mirrors to investigate. As the aliens walked by each mirror, their reflections showed a different deformed head. One had an elongated head, one like a mushroom, and other shapes. Similar to a fun house of mirrors at a carnival. These deformed heads scared the aliens so much that they beamed back to their ships and left orbit. There was no way they could defeat an enemy so ugly.


The artisan saw all the grotesque heads in the mirrors and painted them in the pyramid being built nearby. The head paintings were discovered in a recent archeology dig and are now being placed on geocoins.



(Boy I have too much time on my hands.) :blink:

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hmmm.... the origin... I will tell you a small story about them.... (it is fictional of course... right? I just had this idea... I hope it is ok..) i think (or I hope) I am in size limits.. :laughing: thank you for the cointest!!


Back in times before histroy...allien civilizations were on a war! the alliance of Serius, Antares, Andromeda, Orion and Cassiopeia desided to join forces, when they realise that their planets and their worlds were about to be destroyed so they started searching for a new home... a planet that would live in peace.. away from the war that were involved and they were losing. so with join forces they started building a planet-spaceship.. to live inside until they will find their new paradise! this paradise was Earth! their spaceship... stayed here for ever... and it is the one we now call.. moon! it is empty inside waiting the moment they will have to leave again...


when they came they seperated again and each race of alliens went to an other continent!


people on Earth who saw them.. were surprised! the alliens looked different...and since they were powerfull... they became their kings and after that their Gods! these alliens tought to humans how to build and construct buildings like the pyramids... how to fight, how to plough the earth... they tought them astronomy, and they gave all the things humans needed to start their civilization!


years past and we do not know what hwppent to these alliens.. maybe the climate or the inviroment of earth was not so good forthem and died.. or... they are still with us.... who knows... maybe inside the earth.. or they are just watching us from the inside of their moon...spaceship....until we are ready for them again!


of course.. they bacame legents for humans who were passing their stories in newer generations! many human tribes wanted to look like them so they started changing their sculls from the time they were babies.. with bands etc.. so they will look like these Gods... who had bigger head and brains.. and were smarter! well.. even in now days.. some tribes do that.. but it is changed to be as cosmetic..... see the strange head shapes, the strange earigns or the necklaces that actually are making the human neck taller...like allien....

Kings wanted to show that they had the bless of these gods.. and they were related to them... so they were wearing strange hats and costumes... but especially the hat had the shape of the head of the alliens... see the hats of pharaoes... for example... even the names of these alliens were continued to exist as names of gods.. and later names of stars... who knows... maybe humans gave to the star the name of the allien.. to show from were he was coming....

about costumes... in some festivals and parades around the world you can see strange costumes that are trying to show how these Gods who brought knowledge.. looked like...


so...these sculls maybe are from these Gods... or are the imitations of the humans... so they can look like them...


our knowlege is just a drop or water in the ocean.... and even that came from other worlds...

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The day came after Earth's Great War, when the human population had dwindled to a mere remnant, that an alien spaceship happened upon our devastated & toxic planet. With their superior weapons & intelligence, these aliens quickly established themselves as masters of the human species. They slaughtered masses of humans who rebelled against their authority, but those humans who were subservient were spared to perform tasks, such as guarding against intruders, hunting for wildlife, livestock, or other nutrient sources, & detecting unexploded ordnance left over from the war. Eventually, it became a mark of social status to own humans who were proficient in these tasks, & the Masters began to breed the better ones & show them off. With the high levels of radiation left over from the war, genetic mutations were common among the humans; the Masters prided themselves on owning humans with unique anatomical characteristics, & inbred them to perpetuate the deformities. In fact, prizes were awarded for owning humans with the most bizarre appearance.


Of course, the mutations were overwhelmingly detrimental to the humans themselves. The elongated-skulled humans had an associated ocular nerve disorder that lead to blindness in many of them, but owning an elongated-headed human was fashionable as long as it could be shown off, & once the human became blind & required extra care, it could be quietly disposed of. The apple-headed humans had fluid deposits that pressed on their brain, causing terrible headaches & sometimes even seizures, & the pregnant apple-headed females often could not bear their young without surgical intervention, but the Masters prized this deformity, since the apple-shaped heads reminded them of their own babies. The heavy-browed humans had a blood clotting disorder, which lead to the death of many of them, especially since the Masters felt the heavy-browed humans looked even more menacing & thus better able to perform their guard duties if their ears were surgically cropped to bold points.


Once in a while, one of the Masters felt sympathy for the humans & denounced the breeding practices, but the breeders insisted that they had done a wonderful thing by creating humans who were so special, in such great demand, & therefore so much better off than their ancestors. The practice continued until the genetically-manipulated humans struggled to run, chew, or even breathe normally. Then a new virus attacked the humans; in their weakened condition & with their altered immune systems, the humans were defenseless against the disease, & every last one perished. Too late, the Masters realized their overzealousness in manipulating the species that had once been their helpers & protectors. They minted this coin to remind them of their mistake.

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11,000 years ago...way before history… There was a great island in the Atlantic Ocean.... this island was called Atlantis!

Atlas… was the first king of Atlantis...and came from the stars in his flaming chariot...! He had 5 sons and each one had special knowledge and powers! When they landed on the island after a problem in the "chariot's" engine... and since they didn’t have a body like humans... they entered in bodies of local humans... and used their bodies as a vessel! Citizens of the island welcomed them, helped them and they took them as Gods! So Atlas became their first king and God!


Since these people were way back in knowledge etc… he and his sons decided to teach the humans so they can be better! they thought that by this way... all humans will act wisely and use knowledge and the powers for good purposes... and only to bring peace.... so... the 5 sons started teaching humans of Atlantis... as I said each son had special knowledge and powers... their head show what they knew... and of course the heads you have on the coins are of them... their head changed just to fill all the knowledge they had...

v3a head, had the knowledge of physics, chemistry, maths, astronomy, philosophy and way of thinking...

v3b head, had the knowledge and power of magic! He knew portions for everything... he do anything... fly, be invisible.. Communicate and control animals or other humans, he could make a portion with super powers… (Can you see that his head is like a pumpkin?? that is why we use this during Halloween...)

v3c head, was had mental powers and he could communicate with dead as a necromancer.. see the future...etc..

v3d head, had the knowledge of architecture and mechanics

v3e head, had the knowledge and power of war! He could create a force and win all the battles... with super weapons…


Of course… All were immortals... in human time…. ;)


People learned all these things but when they saw all this power… instead of use them for peace... they use them to destroy other civilizations that were not so powerful and to create an empire! Instead of creating good things for them and everybody... they started creating war machines and super power weapons...

Atlas tried to stop them when he and his sons realized their mistake... but Atlantians were so powerful by having all the knowledge together… that thought that they were the gods now and atlas and his sons were useless. Poor atlas was arrested and executed and none was listening him that by this way the island will be destroyed… and... Actually was destroyed because of the Atlantians.... their super weapons could destroy anyone... including them... but when they realized that... it was too late... Atlantis was gone and the water of the Atlantic Ocean covered the island for ever!

The 5 brothers now… managed to escape by ships! Since they saw that it was too dangerous to be together (I mean to be all the knowledge together), they decided to separate their ways... go to other places and teach other people... but now… people wouldn’t know everything... one of the brothers went to America... to teach civilizations like Mayas, and other older ones… an other brother went to Egypt, an other to Mesopotamia, an other went to Greece... and this is somehow... the first civilizations of humans were made!


None ever spoke about them… but some were telling stories about this great island that was lost...

As People were not ready yet to have all this knowledge together... after some years... the 5 brothers decided to leave their vessel bodies, die as humans… and as shadows to watch humanity and how they go....

When humans will be ready... the 5 brothers will be back to teach us once again...how to use knowledge and power for the good... and for peace...


Of course... this time is not here yet… and I do not know if it will come in the next thousands of years…

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Mystery and a series of unfortune events surrounds these strange skulls...but let's see the historic facts... I will try not to say too much details....


Fancisco de Orellana, a spanish conquistador and explorer, after beeing the conquest of Peru, was sent to explore the areas and to locate the "Land of Cinnamon", thought to be somewhere to the east. as a lieutenant of Pizarro's brother who was the leader of the expedition... he was ordered to explore the huge jungle of amazon! he took 50 men for that and in 1542 he entered amazon! from him we have the name amazon since he found many tribes that women were the leaders and warriors.. and they were like the ancient greek amazones! when he entered deep in the jungle.. he send 10 of his men to see what was in front and let him know! he didn't have news...so he had to search for them! after a couple of days.. he was ready to do that.. ! what he saw fricked him! some savages attacted them but soon they were dead or injured... the tribe was cannibals! his soldiers were eaten! he only saw their skulls and their helmets on the top of big sticks... this was so bad that the whole tribe was killed except one... this one an injured young man was kept because something that he saw was not right! all the tribe was ill and had huge blisters everywhere.. and... on the sticks he saw 5 very strange shaped skulls! they looked like humans but they were so strange in the shape! he asked from where these people who had the skulls came and the man showed him the sky! from what they understood.. after they ate these strange sky people.. they got sick and started dying... these skulls somehow were glowing! were they angels? he took these with him! on his way.. his soldiers started to getting sick! when he finally returned to his base.. he only had a force of 12 men! all the other were dead from this strange illness! a letter was sent to the Pope about these skulls and the Pope asked to bring them to him but say nothing to anyone! this was critical and almost heretic...so they had to be very careful! until they had the ok... many soldiers in the fort the skulls were... started feeling sick and they were dying mysteriuslly! of course.. not even Orellana had luck! on his second voyage to amazon.. he was drowned!

finally the skulls were loaded to the spanish ship with the name San Pedro, in 1596! the ship was carrying many treasures for the spanish king and the skulls even if none.. not even the captain knew about them! he was told that the boxes had ceramic utensils. the ship fell in a hurricane and was sunked near Bermudas! none survived from the crue!

when this was heard... the secret couldn't be kept anymore.. and rummors started coming out... even if officially nothing was confirmed... the skulls became the symbol of disaster! you could hear stories from sailors that at the area of the sunken ship that was currying the skulls the sea is always calm and a strange glow is coming out of the sea...while strange fog was covering the area...many ships were lost there so ships were avoiding passing from there.... Pirates of that time used this fear of the skulls and used the skull symbol on their flags to show the disaster that was coming to any ship that they would meet!


many years have passed and in the early 180oo's 2 boxes in perfect condition were found on a beach in Bermudas! people who found them took them to their villlage and thought that they found a treasure! they opened the boxes and they found the skulls! they were so socked! they didn;t know what to do.. so they burried them, and at the same time they send a message to England about their find! finally Britsh desided to examine these skulls! unfortunatelly a strange pluge fell on the village in Bermuda.. plus the fact that the news were spread already.. it was desided to wait a little and then to take the skulls... plus that the route of the skulls would change so other will lose them...

finally in 1872 they found a ship to bring the skulls in Europe to be examined! The ship was Mary Celeste! after some days of sail... the ship was found abandoned near Azores! none was on board but it was stange that the food was ok... the canndles had fire, they found a cooking pot on the fire with food, the cargo was untouched and the passenger's things including theyr valuable things were there!! It is still remaining a mystery of what happent! the ship was taken to a port where there waw an investigation but without any luck! the only strage was that... from the cargo they found... only 2 boxes were missing... but they were missing only after the ship was in the port! so someone took them! It is said that the Vatican took them to examine them as they wanted in the first place.. and they kept them in their secret underground hiding rooms..(in the underground ofthe vatican museum) with other strange and mystery things... so none will see them again...!


**** this story is 100% fictional and I only used some real names and stories that had no connection....with the others etc... (hahaha where are you Dan Brown? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: )

Please do not be afraid of the Skull coins! they are beautiful!!! :D

the coins with the skulls will not bring bad luck or a pluge etc... but lots of happiness and joy because you will enrich your collection! so please do not missunrestand the story... ok? :)

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In 1938,an archeologist with the name Chi Pu Tei discovered a strange alignment of graves in the Baian Kara Ula Mountains, near the Sino-Tibetan border. He also found some cave drawings illustrating beings wearing helmets, and above them there were the stars, the sun and the moon. There were also reports of the discovery of 7 small, frail skeletons with unusually large skulls. The skulls were very strange but very fragile! the archeologist took the skulls to examin them while the rest of the sceletons broke in tiny pieces... unfortunatelly one of the skulls had the same end when it fell from the hands of a worker while they were puting them in boxes! from the 6 that were left... only 5 were examined! the sixth dissapeared on the way! probably someone stole it...


In 1962, a strange record-like disk was found among the graves and it was translated by professor Tsum Um Nui. The translation socked everyone becasue it was about an eerie tale of how a group of beings crashed landed on the third planet in this star system approximately twelve thousand years ago.They couldn't repair their craft so attempts were made to befriend the local mountain tribes. But instead of that, probably because of fear the beings were hunted down and killed for their nonhuman appearance.


The relevance of this story is the time in which the event was recorded. It was long before the influence of the government, tv and the media could corrupt information.


*** the story is real.. I think... I found it in the net but I had to change it a little so the skulls can fit... ;)


in case you want more info about the story.... http://www.crystalinks.com/dropa.html

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It had been 5 years to the day since the crew of the Magellan spacecraft has slipped through the worm hole. It had brought them out near the edge of the Abell 1835 IR1916 galaxy 13.2 billion light years from earth. Even with their Star Explorer ion engines it would take 10,000 years to get home. The crew started off optimistically looking for a return worm hole but their hopes were fading. Last month they had come across a dead solar system. The 3 planets were all within the Earth type habitable belt but everything on them was dead. The crew calculated global mass extinctions and there was an eerie smell of burning on each planet. It had left its mark psychologically. Their optimism waned. They passed another solar system and despite not wanting to explore they found another habitable planet burning. It was as though the grim reaper was touching all the planets with his firey scythe. This continued for the rest of the month. Any planets with a hint of life were burning and shells of what were once green pastures.


When the crew finally found a planet unaffected by the galaxy wide extinction they stopped and recouped for a few days. Surrounded by life they almost felt at home. As the sun was setting on the 3rd day the sky exploded. A large black ship fell to the ground at enormous speed. Convinced they were about to be hit by an asteroid the crew said their panicked prayers and goodbyes. It stopped just feet above the ground. Its burnt metallic outershell opened to reveal 5 beings draped in dark robes, bodies hidden. They dropped to the floor and hovered over to the stunned crew.


The middle being stepped forward and revealed his head. It had no flesh and no features. The crew were looking at a skull. The shape of a football, pristine white with blue eyes. The eyes were not eyeballs. The eye socket was full of a navy blue liquid with white spots. The captain stepped forward to speak but couldn’t. He couldn’t take his eyes off this being. When he got closer he could see the navy sockets and white spots were not eyeballs. They were galaxies. He could see whole galaxies slowly rotating in this being's eye sockets. He opened his mouth to speak and the other 4 beings stepped forwarded. They too dropped their hoods to reveal 4 other deformed skulls. One was crushed, another elongated, and one was even missing a lower jaw. But what they had in common was their galaxy eyes.


The leader opened his mouth and the ground shook. The noise came from everywhere. Below the ground and from the sky. His voice was deep and menacing. As the words left his mouth you could see there was no tongue. His mouth was darker than the night sky. No light escaped his mouth, only sound

"What is your purpose here?"


The captain was in a trance. He was hypnotised by the galaxy eyes of the 5 beings staring into his soul. They had a grip on his thoughts. In a neutral trance like voice he spoke.

"We are here to restock on supplies while he try to find a way home."


Almost instantly the being replied. His eyes pulsating with every word that boomed around the planet.

"This planet is poison, we are here to kill it."

"The planet is alive why would you kill it?"

"We are death. You are a poison in this galaxy. The planet will die today as will you for being here."


With the crew captivated by the beings they put up no fight. One by one the beings lifted their hoods and floated back onto the ship leaving the leader.

"We have observed your system since its creation. We will observe it at its death. You shouldn't be here. You are poison for this universe like you were poison for the last universe. You will be poison for the next one too."


His hood rose and he floated into the black ship. It shot through the sky as fast as it had arrived. When it exited the atmosphere the trees around the crew burst into flames as the ground turned to molten lava.


****The galaxy is real. The rest my twisted mind thought up*****

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We see these skulls and the first thing that comes in our mind... is... alliens... right? but.. why? because they look different? there are so many things we do not know... so why? maybe... alliens are just us! I mean... humans from an other time or from a parallel time a parallele world.... in that different parallel world... humans were developed differently... and in mechanics and knowledge are way better.. so... by using any holes or cracks in our space time... they can enter in our time...and life.. but we see them as alliens... as strangers.. as foreigners.... maybe some had accidents here.. while they were making tests with the time holes... and we found their remains... maybe.. one of them.. is you... in the other time parallel!! ;)


let;s see what is a parallel time of life! let's take you... an ordinary guy... you are driving your car in an unknown area.. and at the end of the road.. you see that there are 2 ways to go... left and right...

you choose the right waye... you go in that direction... and after some miles.. an other car comes and hit your car... and injures you...


if you had taken the left way... this wouldn't had happen... maybe something else would had (good or bad).. or.. nothing at all... so... in your parallel world you took the left road... see?? ;)


of course this can be even more complicated.. by finding some miles later... other ways....to choose.. so we can have many parallel worlds.... :ph34r:


in every second of our life.. we have to make choises... and most of the times.. we never think... what would had happen if.... actually we do that only in serious things... but even the tinyest thing... can change our world... our life... our existanse!


we do not even know the whole mankind history! there is a huge gap there... and even stories we have from the ancient times.. we call them.. Mythology! see... Zeus that was throwing thunders... (laser??), Apollo with the flying chariot.. Hermes with the flying sandals... strange things right? all the thing that we do not have evidense... are mythology... but... until Troy was found.. it was mythology too...

of course.. there is always a posibility that the ancient Gods were... alliens... who knows....


there are cave engravings showing people of thousands of years ago.. wearing the same clothes as we do now... wearing shoes, or wearing astronaut suits and they are flying....


one of them... showing a woman wearing trousers, a hat, wearing shoes... and a sweater... is in the vatican... I think... or in Lubre... but it is not open for public view!! Why???


A gold object was found that was from Inkas.. and firstly said it was a butterfly... but lager.. they realised that it look so much with an aeroplane... and the object even had a cockpit!



skulls were found with operations that are amazing even in nowdays.... (brain operations)! stones were found in south america... that are very old but they have on them engraved an operation of open heart!!! so.. what is going on???


I have some evidense of strange things that were found or writen.. but... i need more lines.. so.. wait until tomorrow... ;) Just be patient! ;)


sorry... I didn't write so much about the skull today... and I will probably not write tomorrow too... but it is an explanation that we know so little of the history of human kind... that these skulls maybe.... are not alliens but humans... or... they came to help or destroy the world back then... or... I do not know... ;)

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time for my story... :) please note.. all the info were taken from magazines that are talking about such things... and most probably all are real!


by seeing these skulls.. your mind goes to alliens.. but what about these were deformed humans becasue of radiation... after a nuclear war? many will say... what are you talking about? these skulls are very very old... ancient!!!

but... are you all 100% sure that... we know all the human history? maybe.. ancient times... actually prehistoric times... were not as we think... but the remains of humans in caves.. are just survivors of the nuclear war... after this war.. a huge winter came on Earth.. the Ice Age!


let's see some amazing facts about it....


1)in the end of 1932, Patrik Clayton discovered in the Libyan desert a huge area that the sand had been turned into glass! the purity of the glass is 98% and this is the purest glass ever found!!! some said that this was probably from a meteorite that fell... but none ever found something there! the sand and the ground generally can be turned into glass because of extremelly high temperatures... just like a nuclear explosion! the same thing happent to new Mexico in the nuclear bomb testing back in 1945! of course the one in Libya is way older.... the glass there had the yellow-green colour and locals used to take it in the veyr old times to make knifes, tools or jewells! one scarab was found in the Tutankhamun's tube... and it was made by the same meterial!


2) back in 1856 2 brthers, John and William Brandon while they were working as engineers in the railway company of East India, and while they were searching for gravel to fill the empty spaces oin the rails.. were guided by locals in a very ancient city that was in ruins! Once this city was named Brahminandand but now locals used to call it.. Mohenjo Daro (hill of the dead)! nowdays it is in the area of Larkana in Pakistan! after the discovery, archeologist went there to explore the city and found that was an amazingly developed city with huge roads very well made and stright, amazing buildings and a draining system that is way better than the one you can find nowdays in some cities in Pakistan! archeologists placed the best years of the city around 2500 BC, but according to the hindou tradition it was one of hte 7 big cities of the Rama empire (same time of existance with Atlantis!). But why the city was called hill of dead? Archeologists found many human skeletons around , on the roads of the city, holding hands!!! they didn;t have any sign of brutal death and recent measurements saw that the radioactivity was huge there!!! soviet scientists some dacades ago found a skeleton that the rarioactivity won it was 50 times more that normal!!! archeologists also found many black burned round things that used to be poterry that burned and melted because of huge temerature! they also found a kind of writing that was similar to the Easter island's ancient writing!!! none managed to understand what it is writen..yet!


3) in Northern India many ancient cities were discovered with signs of huge temperature that hit the city and melt everything! in one of them.. between gangi river and the Rajmahal mountains there were big parts of the city walls that had been melted and had become glass!!! according to tradition these cities were destroyed by Atlantians with nuclear weapons when they attacted the peacefull Rama empire back in 10,000 BC!!!

legents about glass towers and walls, gless forts etc.. can hear in wales and Scotland too... and I think some walls were found like that up there! so... what happent??


4) back in 1875 a script was found in a temple in India and it is believed that Brandvagi (I probably killed the name...) the wise wrote it in the 4th century BC... it describes with amazing details, flying ships... but.. we have these in epic poems of India like Mahabharata and Ramayana where mass destraction weapons existed and there were also flying ships that looked like flying discs... the UFO's... in the poems these were called Vimanas....


I think I have reached or passed the limit... so... tomorrow.. I will write some parts ofthe mahabharata... to see..

Just to inform you... Mahabharata is the longest Sanskrit epic. Its longest version consists of over 100,000 shloka or over 200,000 individual verse lines (each shloka is a couplet), and long prose passages. About 1.8 million words in total, the Mahabharata is roughly ten times the length of the Iliad and Odyssey combined!!!! it was writen back in the 5th century BC!!

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I promised to continue my story so... I know that it will be more that 50 lines.. bu please forgive me... i am only trying to explain the possible deformation of the skulls.. and it will not be nice to leave the story in half..


as I was saying in my last post...Mahabharata... they say it was writen in the 5th century BC.. but other say that it is way older...and the story is even older.. from the 8000 or 10000 BC! it is the stroy of the fightings between 2 royal families that were relatives... the Pandava and Kaurava and insice you will see talking about masive destraction weapons, similar (or better) to our nuclear weapons, that could kill an army of thousands!


the greatest of all these weapons could destroy worlds and civilizations completelly and it was called Pasupata!


the first who took it was Artzuna a great archer that Krishna liked a lot, and took it on behalf of the Pandavas! the knowledge of this weapon was given by Siva himself on the top of a mountain where Artzuna had come to find weapons that he and his brothers can take back their power! Siva saw that Artzuna was very brave and allowed him to ask a favor... and he asked for a unbeatable weapon! the god warned him by saying... "it can ruin the world... you can throw it not only by hand but by saying or thought (remote control??)... it is a weapon without any returns, nor limits and compasion! you will never going to get rid of it or give it back to me.." Artzuna continued to say that he wanted it! so Siva sent a huge flying chariot that hot air and bright lightswere coming out of it... the "chariot" took Artzuna toother planets far away! Earth was so tiny like a star! after passing thousands of flaming worlds, he was taken to Amaravati... a city in the center of the universe were he stayed for 5 years to learn the use of this weapon from the Gods and then to return back to Earth! so.. this is a space travel and a young man from earth was tought by alliens the use of nuclear weapons!!!!


after some time from his return.. (as had happent to USA and Soviet Union), both Pandavas and Kauravas had this weapon by any other way... so now.. both armies have this powerfull weapon... ok?

soon... they started fighting and in the battles... millions of warriors participated!

One of the families..(I think the Pandava's) lost her self control and desides to use this weapon.... the area where the weapon was used in the battle of Kourouksetra, is probably the nowdays Rajastan... a hude desert that almost nothing can grow on the ground.


let's see some of the lines of the poem... and you will see that it is talking about nuclear war!


"...it was only a projectile / that was hiding inside the power of the universe. / a blinding pillar of smoke and fire, / that was shining like thousands of Suns / was raised with glory to the sky...


It was an unknown weapon, / an iron thunder, / a gigantic messenger of Death that turned into ashes / the whole race/ of Vrisnis and Antakas


... the bodies were so burned / that you couldn't recognise them... / the nails and the hair of the survivors were falling, / the vessels were braking without a reason / and the feathers of the birds turned white.


after some hours, / all the food was infected... / ... the soldiers just to escape from the fire were entering in rivers / to wash themselves and their weapons."


now... the army of Kaurava fought back by using their own fearless weapons:


"... densely arrows of fire/ fell like rain above the earth, / surrounding the enemy.../ thick fog quickly sat over the armies of Pantdava's / all the marks of the horizon dissapeared in darkness. / Very strong winds started to blow. / clouds raised in the sky, / and started raining dust and pubbles.


the birds were croaking in panic.... / the elements of nature had been disturbed. / the Sun looked like it was about to die on the sky. / Earth shaked, / and burned from the heat of this weapon. / elephants took fire / and started runing furious... / in a huge land area... the animals fell on the ground and died...."


So... what do you say??? was that a nuclear war??? ;)


according to the poem... the battle lasted 18 days and 640 million soldiers were killed...

most of them from the huge weapons...


so... why not these skulls are just survivors who were diformed from the radio-activity???


as an end... I will say something about dr Openhaimer (father of nuclear weapons)...

he knew mahabharata very well.. and when he saw the first nuclear test he said a line form the Mahabharata poem... "and now I have become Death - the distructor of the worlds".


when in a press conferance that gave in the University of Rochester in 1952, 7 years after the nuclear test in Alamogordo (July 16th 1945), if this was the first atomic bomb ever thrown... he replyed... "Yes... at least in the Modern History"....


**** sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes... I wrote directly here.. and it is quite late here in greece... 3 in the morning! I also tried to be as close as I could to 50 lines I hope I have done it! :)


I really hope to see more stories from other participants too! come on! :D

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The coin for my event have arrived!

More quickly than expected :)


I like how they turned out, althought some details could be improved, but well, maybe I'm too exigent :anibad:


As usual my pics don't make them justice.



So the cointest is over!


Thank you very much to all of you, I enjoyed reading your writings.

Now is time to choose the winner.

According to the bases, the ones that can vote are:







Just say the number of post chosen.


Voting ends the next Sunday at 12:00 PDT, or when everyone has voted.


Good Luck!

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Only just coming to this thread for the first time I was just about to start my own story of the origin of the species but I cannot plagiarise Darwin or beat post #27 and then realise the contest is over. In which case I would like to vote for post 27 for what it may be worth.

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Well, as stated in post #33, the only ones that can vote are the involved in the cointest:


jpbarr (I forgot to mention, sorry)






So, all the rest of the votes are not valids.

Respect the rules please.

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Was by far the best one :D Only submitted one story too


??? Everybody wrote one story exept me...and I did it mostly for fun... so I do not understand your comment! is that a nail or something? :huh:


do you think that it will be the first time if someone with only one post will win? :)

the best thing in cointest is the fun you have by guessing, searching, writing stories, etc... then.. if you are lucky and win...you are just doubling your joy! :laughing:


anyway... welcome in the forum and next time... why not enter in a cointest too! ;):)

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Well, after the period for voting, the result is:


1 vote for GoldBugGirl

1 vote for boiler-todd

1 vote for GATOULIS


So the best solution is to do what must be done, ie according to the rules, I have to break the tie.


In my opinion, although I like the stories chosen, I opted for #23 because is more detailed about the skulls.


Congratulations!! GATOULIS, give me an address via my profile to send your coin :D


Thank you all for your stories!

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I have just entered to vote but i saw that it is over! Sorry for not voting earlier but today was not a good day here... we had a fire in southern rhodes but the worst was a very big earthquache! we freaked out! after a long time we went out of our houses! the good is that there are no damages here.. or injured people... but since the eathquacke was in the coast of Turkey (73 km from rhodes), they had damages and injured people who were injured because they jumped from their balconies to escape the eathquacke! (huge mistake!!!).... the news said that there are damages there and the even the news in the afternoon were saying aobut 7 injured... at night they said at least 60! huh! It was a long (I have the feeling that the ground was shaking for 25-30 seconds) shake... and its rower was 5.8 Richter for some but other sites say 6.2R.... we had some smaller ones too... I hope this was the big one.... anyway... I believe it was around 6R... everything were shaking.. the door of our oven opened... the fridge (a big one) moved... electricity went out for some minutes... and since the building our flat is ... is staning on columns (archeologists found ancient things so...) we felt it more!

http://www.seismoi.gr/ (see the star....)


so we went out... and i missed the football games too! huh!


well.. we will see in the next hours...how things will go...


anyway... thank you so much for the cointest! I enjoyed it by writing stories! most of what I wrote are real... but I connected them.... and put the skulls too...


BUT..... my last posts... are all real.... about the strange city and the skeletons, about the discovery in sino-tibetan borders etc... yes they are real! many things are not shown to public... and many things are not as we know them.. and... I am not talking about huge things.. even the tiniest thing can change something we know or we take as granded...

I have tried to translate parts of Mahabharata too.. I do not know if I was 100% accurate.. but in case you are interested... read it! it is amazing! I am wondering why they didn;t make a movie about it... yet! :laughing:

Edited by GATOULIS
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