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Paperless geocaching...what Gps do you have?

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So, after a couple of years of downloading my pocket queries coords onto my Etrex H and data onto my ipod which is an time-consuming affair, I now want one handheld GPS which can easily show the caching pages, logs, coords and maps all in one. I have tried my mobile with trimble app but not as accurate as a gps. I havn't got loads of money so what do you you guys suggest, what do you use for paperless caching?

Many thanks :)

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Currently using an old Garmin emap along with my Sony Ericsson K800i phone with cache data saved to it either as a flat text file, or html via GSAK, depending on whether I am going to look for just one or two, or if I am going to do a ring. Very much most of the time it is just one or two here and there.


That setup does me just fine, but am looking for an all in one solution too for my son for Christmas, on a budget. The new eTrex 20 as mentioned by someone else is looking just perfect, but maybe a little too much price wise though. Looking around the Dakota 10 seems to be available new now for around the £130 mark which looks quite good value to me.

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I've just written a very detailed review of the new Magellan eXplorist 710 (includes the 610 and 510) focusing on using it for geocaching including paperless (unlimited PQ storage!!). The review isn't finished and there are a few things to add. You can read what I've done so far here (pdf document). Includes prices and where to buy it (there is an excellent deal available at the moment - details in the review). I'll be happy to answer any questions on it (if I can!)


Chris (MrB)

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