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Cached QRP Ham Radio Idea?

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I wonder if Amateur geocachers have ever cached a simple QRP radio, wire antenna, key, logbook, etc - and made logging a few QSOs a part of the find?

To prevent unlicensed operation, the radio cache may need to be a puzzle cache that only an Amateur could solve.

To make the "cached radio" experience available to non-Amateurs, substitute the transceiver for an SWL receiver and wire antenna.

Bands.. probably 7 Mhz nighttime and 7-10-14 MHz daytime. 2M for a hilltopping cache?

Modes.. keeping it simple, CW or SSB QRP

Enter stations operated (or heard) in the cache log, and share on the website?

Maybe I've been reading too many cold war spy novels.


A few ideas to ruminate on.



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check out GC2G604


73 Jay W0GBS


Interesting cache... hmmm.... on the other hand it wasn't Amateur Radio either!


I did like the idea that it could be done by anyone though... with the right equipment.

Someone tried other methods including using AM broadcast stations to DF a location... but that failed around here when all but one AM station went over to FM. That and in the mountains the paths through distort everything...

But it was an idea. I've been thinking about using OLD frequency avalanche beacons that are out there but not used anymore. The new ones have gone to 457 Kz... Think fire departments use that for location of missing ff's as well.


Doug 7rxc (VE7RXC)

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