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Cache hidden in 1996?

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well, considering he mentioned in his found log that it was well into his 1000s he found that...he probably put the wrong date and somehow, Geocaching.com has built the stats around that. At least it was a cache called Liar's cache!


I wonder if he had logged it April 2000 instead would it have filled in the Jasmer grid one more spot.


Makes his stats show up in another weird way....


3064 consecutive days without a find from 01/02/1996 to 05/23/2004

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How does a cacher find a cache hidden in 1996? If you look HERE his cachers stats back it up. Interesting to say the least. A bug in the website?


Due to an anomaly in the space time consortum I logged a TB or so back in 1997, and a few in 1999. :rolleyes:






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I believe that when you hide a cache you can set any date as the hide date, check out This cache I think the hider set that date for the story of the cache; we ended up changing our find to a note so it didn't show up as "our oldest cache found." Once that cache was archived the hide date can no longer be edited. If you use GSAK to generate stats you can change the hide date of a cache.


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