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Can anyone suggest an interesting North Wales series ?

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Hi there,


We have heard that the North Wales caches are pretty good and in view of this and for a bit of a change we are looking to take the caravan for a weekend away at the beginning of October in the North Wales direction. We have checked on the geocaching map but there are just soooooo many caches we dont know where to start looking!!!


Does anyone have a personal favourite series or circuit that they would recommend? we are looking for something a bit different and dont mind a good long walk. The children will be with us and they like the caches that are a bit out of the ordinary.


Any help would be appreciated as we can then look to finding a caravan site nearby. :rolleyes:


Many Thanks


Sarah, Simon, Helen & Kate - Plssmith.


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The Aber Falls loop, well worth doing and a few others around there you can pick up at the same time, have a great trip.


Keithnipper 49


As above Aber Falls is quite nice Dragons Den nearby I enjoyed too and there might just still be a coin in there.

I enjoyed The 3Ds, I'm sure there is a path there somewhere.

Any caches by ZagCat will be a little different.


Sorry the computer is so slow tonight can't look up the links. :D

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Have a look around Caerwys - this isnt too far into Wales and there are a number of good series to the South/East of this small town (Loopy in Caerwys, Monster walk, Carry on Caching etc). We intend to do Team Marzipans 'Numbers' series shortly


One of or all time favourite caches (near Colwyn bay)is this one ... GC117VN. A great adventure




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You are spoilt for choice here in North Wales but if you are into 'interesting' trails then here is a little list for you:


Trail: Ysceifiog Circular

Owner: Team Marzipan

Distance: 3 Miles

Caches: 11

Info: Circular



Trail: Racecourse

Owner: Team Marzipan

Distance: 4 Miles

Caches: 21

Info: Circular, 6 Mystery & 2 Multi's included



Trail: Lixwm Caching Game

Owner: Team Marzipan

Distance: 1 Mile

Caches: 6

Info: There & Back series of Mystery Caches



Trail: Coed Y Morf Walkabout

Owner: Team Marzipan

Distance: 1 Mile

Caches: 6

Info: Circular (possibly suitable for bikes)


All team marzipan caches are 'different' and kid friendly



Trail: Bodelwyddan Walk

Owner: FantasyRaider

Distance: Not stated

Caches: 15

Info: Circular



Trail: The Killing Woods

Owner: FantasyRaider

Distance: Not Stated

Caches: 18

Info: Circular


I had to add two of my trails too! :rolleyes:



Trail: Downhill Uphill Advent[ure] ?Mystery?

Owner: Dun100an

Distance: 11 Miles

Caches: 25

Info: Circular


This one is 'very' up & down and may be too long a walk with kids



Trail: BYAS

Owner: cobrac

Distance: Not stated

Caches: 11

Info: Circular, may be possible by bike


All of Cobracs caches are original!



Trail: Aber Falls

Owner: Gizzard the third

Distance: 4 Miles

Caches: 10

Info: Circular


As said before, this is a fantastic walk.


If you are into trails, take a look here:



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The Bala views series was fun (eg http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=22a539a8-e3b2-4166-964e-5837b9145598) - not exactly a circuit - several caches each set a short walk from lake Bala to collect the clues - then the final cache is a challenging hike away (I haven't done the bonus yet as moved further away, but will get to it at some point! However know the area and it seems to be set in something of a wild wilderness!!)

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Thankyou everyone for your kind replies, we shall certainly be noting these down and visiting them all soon.

We will be starting with the Racecourse series by Team Marzipan next weekend and then making our way around the others !!!!

Thanks again for your kindness !



Hi, make sure you check out the latest info on the Racecourse series... because a lot of its caches have recently been archived.

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