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Which older/used cheap gps should i buy?

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Hi guys.


Im all new to geocaching, but i think it sound very exiting.

Thats why im looking for an older or used GPS.

But what should i buy ?


I would like very much, that it was able to measure the distance i have walked.

Is it worth looking for a model with compas ?

And how about maps, are they worth anything, or should i go for a model without ?


Currently im looking for an used Etrex or a GPSmap, but which models of theese two should i choose ?


Best regards and thanks

Stefan Nielsen

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I'd get a Magellan Meridian Platinum or Garmin 60 CSx.


I actually have the Meridian Gold and the 60csx


I like both and both are really accurate

but the 602csx it in color and has USB connectivity


with my Magellan Meridian Gold I have to use a USB cable and Easygps software to transfer to my GPS


so I recommend either, the Gold has 1 really "rugged" or "outdoors" advantage, it is suppose to float


I know the 60csx had many more features, but for geocaching (except for the geocaching app the 60csx has) they are about the same (almost)


I picked up my 60csx for $150 last week...wahooo

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