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Time to cache?

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I make time to cache. I use to have al sorts of time during the day to cache. But since my work schedule went to a normal 8 to 4 mon to fri work week i don't get many opportunists. Especially since my wife works night and most of the day Saturday. So i now get up early Saturday mornings to get a couple of caches before i have to be home in time to let my wife go to work. Its not very often i can get my kids to come out caching with me.


Any worth while hobby requires you to make time for it.

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I often fit caches with other things. Visiting relatives? I check for cache in the neightborhood. Coaching a soccer game? There are often caches in the park near the field. Going fishing? I check for caches on the lake. Going to the dentist? I look for caches on the way. Taking a hike? I always download the caches for the area I'm hiking.

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I cleared out all the caches on my route to and from work, around the house, and places I normally go months ago (there aren't that many). So pretty much anytime I decide to do some caching it's a planned affair, at least half a day required. Since I usually go with my daughter, that means weekends. Since I'm a shiftworker and only off every other weekend, that limits the opportunities even further.


So yeah, I really have to make an effort to find the time.

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