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Info on specific people who placed marks?

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This ties in with my effort to find usgs marks. Was wondering if there was info on or pictures of specific people to did the field work in my area etc.

I have tried google with no success.


Here is who I am looking for info on:


Hargraves Wood

CH Burns

CH Semper

JJ Spahr

W.S. Monk

S.K. Sampsell

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A focused search might yield better results. There appears to have been a surveyor named Hargraves Wood who was alive in 1900 who sounds like the one you are looking for, and CH Semper seems to have been around 1910.




The elevations in the following list are based upon various bench marks along precise level lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The leveling in the West Chester quadrangle was done in 1900 by Hargraves Wood, and that in the other quadrangles in 1903 by J. H. Wetzel. Additional leveling was done in the Coatsville quadrangle in 1910 by C. H. Semper.


Quoted from here:


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That second link is a grat one if you live in the area covered, however, I am looking for more then mere mentions - bios, write ups, pictures, info on alive or dead (though I think I can guess on Hargraves Woods on this one). I have a feeling these were pretty wll known folks in the surveying world and the data is out there - its just a matter of someone pointing me in the right direction!

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Alittle suprised that some of the more "avid" benchmark hunters haven't posted (they always seem to know of resources I don't) so I am bumping this up.

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And yet another trhread revived in hopes it will do better and yield more info on go around #2!


Here are a few new names to add to the ones above (that I STILL want info on) that I would like info on, pictures of etc:



J.E. Alkire

H.L. Zohn

C.M. Peel

Mr. E. Smith (USC&GS late 1800's) (first name may be Edwin)

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