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Recommendation for 5000th cache


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We are approaching our 5000th cache find and would like to do something memorable. Ideally somewhere within an 1-2 hours drive of East Devon. Mrs W is happy to go underground if need be but nothing with too tight a squeeze :P Suggestions for anything memorable welcomed.

Try the Tavy Treasure Trail if you havnt already done it. A 5 X 5 cache located in Tavistock a few miles from Plymouth, however dont expect to complete it in one day, it took us three visits. However well worth the effort though.

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A big, early congrats on 5000! We reached our 5000th last week. I think this may *just* be in your travelling distance: We did ours on a cache in Portsmouth 'The Caching Olympics Challenge - GOLD' (http://coord.info/GC2WN7C) which is claim-able if you've found 100 caches in a day. It's in a lovely location and a 5/5.


Otherwise, probably our most favourite cache of all time is 'Look into the light' (http://coord.info/GC1AGGD) in Exmoor National Park. It's a 5/5 underground in an old tin mine. Lots of piccies on the cache page. The entrance does look quite small in the piccies, however my OH is a big chap and managed to get in and out ok.


Good luck with whatever you choose! :)

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