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New geocoin: Czech pottery geocoin


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Czech pottery geocoin. Geocoin is hand made me. Geocoin is made from high quality pottery - red color and dark color (each is unique for its color). Geocoin before the firing had perfectly dry, because moisture in the soil when it is destroyed by burning. The actual burning takes place at temperatures higher than 1000°C and this hot hell stayed for several hours. Dark Geocoin were in flames again, and in charcoal in charcoal. Here the actual burning took about 2 hours and then slow cooling. Geocoin color is darker, and what piece is original. Geocoin diameter is about 45 mm thickness of 10mm. Geocoin is produced in two versions, dark (20 pieces) and red (45ks).Geocoin is trackable only on Geocaching.com. Each Geocoin has its unique number (description is on the edge) Geocoin are stored in a cardboard carton. Prices are nice red geocoin 12USD, dark geocoin 13USD international shipping is 5USD


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I don't think it's expencive. As I do pottery as a hobby, I know what it can take to make such a product by hand. It's quite labour-intensive. And in the proces you can always lose a few of the products you make. I think it's quite different from metal coins. So for me the price is reasonable and I'd like to buy one of the dark version. I love to see what the flames and the lack of oxygen did on the product.

I would like it to have it's own unique icon too :)

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Hallo all,


Czech pottery geocoins DARK are sold. I have only Czech pottery geocoins red.




When can we expect the invoice for the DARK coin?


Edit; just checked my paypal acount and saw I could pay. Sorry for my mistake and thanks for the service.

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The "Dark" coin arrived here yesterday, but I wasn't home. So I picked it up at the post agency this morning. It really looks as I expected and I love it. Maybe it's time for me to try and make a real Dutch version with real Dutch river clay. I must find a nice idea for what to put on it. I'm going to do some tests, as I have a small pottery oven at home B)

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