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Anyone selling a Geocache GPS?

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Hello fellow Geocachers,


I recently lost my ability use my blackberry Geocache app and thus has had to Geocache with a friend just to get my fix.

Is any one selling any of there older GPS units that i can buy so i can get back to geoacaching.


Please let me know model and prices.


Keep in mind im not looking to pay full blown retail as i would just buy it new then.


I would like to say my budget would be in the 100-150 dollar range and Im in canada

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Welcome to Geocaching Fearliathmor,


You may want to try the Calgary Area Cachers website (http://www.calgarycachers.ca/) where they have a forum topic area for GPS sales. GPS City in Calgary often has sales, too. Events are a great way to meet other cachers who may have older units that they are no longer using.


mwellman from the Edmonton, Alberta area

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I have my old Garmin Etrex Legend HCx that doesn't acquire satellites and is pretty much dead. Great for geocaching! ... or storing the GC codes at least!:laughing:

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