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Hey all. I'm fairly new ('bout two months, give or take) and was wondering if you guys know some logs that are really funny. I was curious to see if it was normal to just sign TFTC online, but have come across a few that almost made me cry they were so hilarious(I forgot which caches they were posted under, sorry!) Know any of those?

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Today's funny:


"Explored this area after attempting to play frisbee golf. Lost frisbee on 2nd hole so decided to cache instead. Got dark really quickly, a disadvantage of turning your clocks back. Had to maneuver through the thicket and muck in the dark. There was probably a trail nearby that we couldn't find. Another adventure at French Creek. TFTC!"


Can't find a frisbee so went hunting for a micro in a swampy woods. Love it.

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icon_smile.gifaeropat found 2.gif "Beach It" or "Park It"


Well....let me start by saying that this was the first terrain *5* cache that I have ever attempted. Here is how the adventure unfolded........


My geomuggle friends and I left from the "Park it" coordinates, while my wife and baby daughter waited in the car. Looking back at past logs we figured that we would be back in 30-60 minutes. Well, I must say that we made it back in about 2 hours!!icon_smile_big.gificon_smile_big.gificon_smile_shock.gif


There had been a good little downpour earlier in the afternoon so the trails were a little wet. We did manage to stay upright on the steep sections though. The first highlight of the trip came just after I finished answering natures call in the bushes (Yes....I peed in the bushes!!). Seconds later I received a sharp burning pain in my....arm. And then immediately after that in my other arm!! Aha....a wasp. Boy that smarts! Well....I found out that I am NOT deathly allergic to wasp stings.icon_smile_approve.gificon_smile_blackeye.gif


When we finished bushwhacking our way to the "dried up channel", we found that it was about waist deep with stagnant water. We finally found a suitable fallen log which was light enough for us to roll to the edge of the waterbody and had enough length and girth for us to carefully traverse. Thankfully, no one fell in, although we were already drenched from the waist down from bushwhacking through wet foliage.


Now nothing can stop us!! And nothing did. Found the cache quickly enough and I took the TB to move along. I did leave a little something....but I can't quite remember what. Cache seems to be in good shape.


Now, at this point the sun had gone down and dusk was turning to night. This suprised us all, but we were taking longer than we thought and I guess summer is slowly fading away into fall. I reached into my pack to pull out my big 10 trillion watt spotlight and came to the sad realization that it was tucked safely in the car. Instead I pulled out my little mightylite. Well.....hopefully we will make it out before the batteries die. I tried to conserve the flashlite as much as I could, so I only used it to cross back over the water and whenever the spooky shadows had me....spooked. This ended with me pointing out to my trailing comrades the locations of all the logs crossing the trail.......I usually did this while picking myself up off the ground.icon_smile_tongue.gificon_smile_big.gif About halfway back to the vehicle....the batteries died and the remaining natural light stopped remaining. This prompted questions like...."Is that the trail??", "I don't remember this open area!!" and "But I wanted a BUD Light!!". We finally DID make it back to the car...(after 2+ hours)....to a relieved wife who was ready to call search and rescue.icon_smile_big.gif


I have to say.....this was one of the most enjoyable and memorable caches I have done. Although, in hindsight, I would have left a little earlier in the day and I also would have made sure to take my "good" flashlight.


Thank you very much for the adventure!!!!


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************ **************

I'm sorry to annoy you whit this, but I want to see what happens, because I just got a moderator warning for doing this in another situation, and if I get kicked out for that, I will have a great laugh!

So lets see :blink:


This is what you add to a thread about funny logs? :huh: I'm sure glad this isn't a thread about angsty logs!!

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Well I had to put it somewhere...

As I said don't bother, it was out of context....just ignore it, it has nothing to do with anything....


by the way, they won't kick you for posting stars out of context.

Thanks and ignore this message too.



And to contribute to the topic:


Unfrotunately, most my logs are in German, wich wouldn't make any sense to post that here.

We did make a trip to prague though, early this year, and all those were logged in english.


The log itself isn't that long, so let me explain:


We had already spent the whole day wlaking through this beatiful city, with ice and snow everywhere, just sliding down hills and falling on our butts every 15 minutes when we went for our last couple of caches up on Vyshegrad castle.

The way up was exhausting, but the view was great. :o

And then we wanted to leave....little did we realize that the way we came up was the only one, so we stumbled along the castle wall, sliding, freezing, in the dark, up and down stairs that just led nowhere...we became pretty desperate to get down there, we just wanted a beer, but it took us almost 1 1/2 hours to find the same set of stairs that we had walked on our way up there... :rolleyes:

It was kind of frustrating, but at the same time really funny, and me and my mates had a pretty hard laugh after we finally got back to the hostel :lol:

By the way....the beer is amazing there! :omnomnom:


So anyway...heres the log itself:



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I remeber another log (again, it doesn't make sense to post the log itself, so I'll just tell what happened :P )


Me and some buddies once owned the cache GC2PKP3.

It was a huge abandoned cellar that had just been falling apart for the last 60 years.

When we went in there, we alwys wore gloves and steel plated boots, because we really didn't want to step into a nail and get tetanus or some weird stuff...

The was rubble everywhere, adn if there was metal it was so rusted that you just needed an evil look to make it crumble :mad:

So at some point, someone wrote in a log that as they were searching down there, they came across some girls wearing.... FLIP FLOPS!!! :blink::huh::surprise::yikes::o


So he approached them and asked wwhat they were thinking climbing through all that stuff with nothing but FLIP FLOPS on their feet, and she looks at him and says:


"Why, they're easy to clean"!!!!! :o:blink::wacko::shocked::lostsignal:

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So he approached them and asked wwhat they were thinking climbing through all that stuff with nothing but FLIP FLOPS on their feet, and she looks at him and says:


"Why, they're easy to clean"!!!!! :o:blink::wacko::shocked::lostsignal:


Yep, when one of them sticks a nail in her foot that blood will wash right off :)

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I have some of these :smile:



"You can follow the "geotrail" up, but I don't recommend following it back down. It gets pretty slippery. I looked like a lumpy, wounded gazelle trying to keep up with my feet! Lol and I laughed when I found it. What a great way to make sure it doesn't get touched by a Muggle! TNLNSL one of my favorites so far! TFTC!" (that may have been too much info in a log, mentioning the geotrail..but we were newer then. I still consider us new, but we know better now.)


"Found it on a road trip back to my hometown. Very clever hide, we loved it! We hunted it at night, & Jeff scared the snot out of me, made me think there was a snake in the grass at my feet. So, the neighbors may have heard a woman scream a little (just a little...)..& then yell, "That's NOT funny, there are Copperheads here!" (Which, all things considered, actually is pretty hilarious)"


These next two came from the same cache:


"We tried to beat the storm & arrived on Wedn night for this one. We looked for about half an hour before lightning struck nearby & we hightailed it back to the car. All the workers will see on video is a bright light and me trying to keep my pants up (I forgot my belt) as I zip past the camera towards the car! Haha So, DNF. This one is a challenge."


"There's only room on the log sheet for ONE more signature now! Bahahaha! Oh yeeeah! The dudes at the gas station across the street had the privilege of witnessing the awkwardness that IS Jeff's victory dance at around 2 am this morning! Woohoo! Much more entertaining than seeing us run to save our butts a couple nights before, I suppose...

TFT -evil- C! "


and some more..


"It was Michael's turn, so he went to get this one. He's really careful about Muggles, so on his way back to the car, when he saw a car coming down the road, he decided to quickly throw the cache through the window to his father so the Muggle wouldn't see it. ..but he threw it a little too hard..it zipped right by Jeff & beaned me. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at getting pegged with tupperware. T: frog L: ring & disco ball keychain SL Thank you"


"We ended up doing this one about midnight..it was raining, and I slipped on a piece of that very trash we're supposed to be hauling out of there & busted my tail. As I sat there in the vines trying my best to appear as though it didn't hurt nearly as bad as it truly did, Jeff made the find. I hobbled my lame butt back up the hill, & let him sign the log & replace the container. Sometimes this game will take you down a peg or two. ;) Thank you."


--I'm what can only be described as "goofy"..most of the time while playing this game. It's been very beneficial to my family, we always have great fun.

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Here's one I came across a while back by Slayerette:


While out with Goss At the Gorge had to stop by for this one!!!! All I can say is Goss's caching skills are stilll on.... She spotted it before I even parked the car.


Man she's annoying sometimes. I made her get out in the rain and bring it back to the car...She paid me back though The cache wasn't all she brought back to the car.. Maaaaan! She needs to stop eating those volcano tacos!


Thanks for the cache.


And another by Slayerette:


So I decide since I'm going to be in the park - I come out here with Foster the Wonder Dog, GeoKnitFit and GeoSammy Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to walk around the pond a couple of times - I should probably get this cache. You know in the interest of saving a buck or $2.50 in gas. Plus, I thought it would be a fun diversion. So I loaded up the Iphone, the GPS and Foster into the car and headed off to pick up our walking buddies.


Oh BTW... I didn't tell GeoKnitFit what I was going to do. I didn't tell her till we were over halfway there. She kind of figured it out because she saw the GPS when I pulled it out to see how far we had left and which way to go.


So I send her off to see check the lay of the land when we got really close... I had shorts on you see. And we decided to go for it. I am almost at ground zero when I feel something on my head. I swat at it and lean over and there it was... Another Freeeeeeakin' mutant woman eating pumpkin spider trying to crawl back up its web string TO MY HEAD!!!!! I start panicking. a Half a Heart beat later the screaming began. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! (take a quick breath) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! (take a quick breath) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! The dogs go ape-nuts. They are crowding me and jumping up to see if I'm OK and all I want to do is get this spider off me. The more I swat at it the faster it tries to crawl up the webstring - Did I mention it was heading TO MY HEAD!!!!!


or That I was arachnaphobic.


Oh yea I am.

I almost peed myself.




When it finally hit the ground I jumped on it so hard I almost caved in China!


I was definitely rattled. But pppppffffffhew... I made it out of that sitch alive. I wasn't too rattled to find the cache though. I looked a way and pretended I was still looking to give GeoKnitFit a chance to find it too. We signed the log and left a pen. It's one I got from the panty factory. A pretty Lily Of France pen. OK not so out of the ordinary, but hey it was my bonus from last year. Ok that's not true. But it sure felt like it.


We headed out of the woods - with GKF in the lead... She was making sure there was no more spiders. She didn't have to do that....


But I sure was glad she did.


Thanks for the adventure

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I just stumbled across this old one of mine, from a veeery cold day:


Stupid NiMH batteries. They're useless when it's a crispy -25 degrees outside. I didn't realize that.


Just as I got to the cache vicinity, my unit conked out. What? I turned it back on, it ran for a few seconds, and it died again. Oh, the batteries are cold. Okay, I've got spares. I pulled them out of my backpack, and naturally they were just as cryogenically cold as the ones in my unit. Sure enough, they didn't work any better.


Sigh. I wasn't going to find this cache without warm batteries. So I shoved the ice-cold unit down the front of my pants (Yeow!!!), and let it gradually warm up while I stomped around looking for something resembling the hint. (Yes, yes, I really love geocaching - let's not go there. And in case you wondered, no, there's no satellite reception down there!)


Wandering around, I couldn't see anything that resembled the hint. Eventually I pulled the steaming-warm unit out of my pants, let it re-acquire satellites, and got a pretty good idea of where ground zero is. I had to do this a few times, because the unit kept freezing up - especially after I dropped it in the snow. (I kept looking over my shoulder for imaginary muggles because, well, stashing and digging out the GPS does look kind of suspicious...) But anyway, even with the GPS working well for a few minutes at a time, I still couldn't find the elusive cache.


Is this really a 1.5 difficulty hide? Hmm, that must be the summer rating. I see there's no "winter friendly" attribute, so maybe I'd better just come back in summer. Or bring lithium batteries. I know what I'm not going to resort to again...

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