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Logo Ideas - South Africa MEGA Event


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Hi All Geocachers in SA!!

We need your ideas and creativity with putting together a logo for South Africa's first MEGA Event which will take place from 04 to 07 October 2012. The term "SAMP" has been coined as it is a very South African dish and stands for "South Africa MEGA Party". We would like something that typically signifies South Africa, as well as the geocaching colours or logo (orange, green, yellow, blue). We have some ideas already with a potjie pot, but we would like some more. Put on your thinking caps and send us your ideas to: geo936@gmail.com or post them on topic.

We need to have your feedback by the latest 17 September 2011.

If you have graphic designer skills, and can help with the actual design work, please contact us as well.

Much appreciated and look forward to hearing from you!!

Best regards Silvia & Rolf Ludwig - GEO936

PS: Reason for deadline is to have a flyer done before the 20th September to send to one of our geocaching friends who will be attending the planned Mega Event in France and this will be a form of marketing with overseas cachers.


- This request has also been added to the Geocaching SA group on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, please join this group (if you haven't done so already :) ).

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Wow! That is a great start. Thanks GPS Storm!! (we had sent you a PM about the logo as well but our message was returned undelivered).


Could you perhaps put just the SA flag colours on the front of the pot, or the outline of SA coloured inside with the flag? Take out the GC logo or maybe just use aspects of it like the "G" with cross or maybe leave that put all together. Take out URL and put 04-07 October 2012.


These are just some suggestions.


We also thought of the open pot and inside have SAMP looking food but have that in gold (pot of gold at the end of the rainbow = treasure).


Thanks for the effort so far.


I will add Paula's idea and the ideas from other Megas tonight for mor ideas.

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Just thinking out loud...


To me it seems a bit "busy" - too much happening in the logo. I see the abbreviation, the full name, the date, the flag, the country, the 3-poot pot, the gold, the Gauteng-location and the food...


Looking around me, I see logos that very seldom convey any information, most often only a simple but catchy piece of artwork, with or without a name, or abbreviation.

Perhaps only a few lines of art that suggest a 3-poot pot with or without the letters SAMP, nothing more.

Or even the flag shaped to resemble a pot, if a pot is what its going to be.


I suggest something simpler, but catchy to the eye.


That said, I like GPS Storm's design in a coin!



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Thanks for all the ideas and feedback so far. The logo should be something that can be made into a coin as well as printed on a t-shirt and on all the Mega notices and documentation. I will post stuff from Mega Finland and Mega Switzerland.


GPS Storm thanks for your creativity so far! So good to have you on board!

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Posted on the Facebook page as well.


It seems that the tight deadline has scared off many fellow cachers. So we've discussed it and decided that we'll put together a basic, simple advert for the flyer to go to France. And we'll extend the deadline for idea submissions to Friday, 30 September 2011. So get those creative juices flowing and post us your ideas!

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Some logo ideas/sketches:


The Event Bubble to indicate an Event (Switzerland used this) - Rolf's sketches:


Potjie Pot with Event bubble.jpg


Potjie pot with flames and logs - Jessica (one of our employee's sketch):


Potjie Pot with flames.jpg


Managed to get Paula's Pot as an image instead of a link:


Paula Pot.jpg

Edited by GEO936
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So .... it would be nice to have a logo which we could use on everything...like a company.....to have a brand.....but yes, simplicity is nice or a little detail can also work (see Switzerland).


GPS Storm...perhaps change the colouring of the wording around the pot....perhaps blend the South African flag onto the pot (soften the edges)...perhaps use the geocaching cross with "G" as the indicator that the Mega will take place somewhere in or around Gauteng??? Thanks!! B)

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Two new entries from a great geocaching couple that we first met in Finland and spent a lot of time with in Germany - Los Mosquitos (Hanni & Thomas). They are so keen about us being involved with planning South Africa's first Mega Event that they want to get involved too and help out wherever possible. They have worked on ideas for a logo. They thought the "African elephant" would be a great symbol to signify "MEGA".


Elephant with no white edge

Mega Elephant no edge.jpg


Elephant with white edge (space)

Mega Elephant with edge.jpg


Thank you Hanni & Thomas from Germany for your interest and support with our Mega Planning!!

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I think I would remove the handle of the part as before....I like the colours of the wording.

I think it looks great as is. The handle is an integral part of the pot. Try lifting the pot off the fire without handle!


Suggestion: Increase the space under SAMP, or just even under the letter 'M' to include the word Gauteng.

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I love the idea of a "mascot" - like finland's bird and switzerland's cow. One can play a lot with a character.


It can "talk" you, e.g. announcements in speech bubbles etc, it can be improvised for signage e.g. pointing to the venue along the way, indicating 'ladies' or 'gents' or even holding specific food item at the food stalls..


I know that you have the theme SAMP and there are lots to go with that, e.g. the potjie.... but how about an animal from Africa (doesn't have to be an elephant/lion) to make the event identifiable?


I'm not a designer, I'll have to draw with free hand (which can be scary..) to get my idea across...


...and let's say it's an elephant/rhino... warthog.. blue crane, then it must be a 'cute' guy, and then it can be implemented in themes for the kids as well - educating them about our country while at it. :-)



I saw the paw print coin/logo on the FB page as well that I don't see here.. was it voted off - or was it merely a coin idea?


OK - well I'll try to draw some pictures of what's in my head this week and send them to NotBlonde..

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I'm sorry - I seem to be 'agter-os'... I found the weblink to the entered logos and saw the paw print one as well.


What's the status of this now? Have you selected a logo yet? Are you still taking suggestions (I also see you wanted all by end of September..)


Time flies!!!!! Can't believe it is already end of Oct!!

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Oooh! I love the giraffe!!! hehe

The long neck can be used in so many ways!

It can be knotted, used to frame something - and I love the way he sort of 'pops in'on the page!

Yes, it just needs some 'cartoonization'. :)


Thx! for me this sort of thing works well!!


Where's the committee? What are your thoughts??


Do Giraffes eat SAMP? ;)

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Throwing a few ideas in the ring focusing on easily recognising SA animals...


Nr 1 needs to be stylised as a photo won't work, but it gives the idea of the perspective I like.




Nr 2 and 3 are straight forward and supposed to be friendly and as simple as possible.







Whoa. These logos are EPIC. Well done Hesamati!

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Hey hey hey Everyone!! Thanks for the GREAT ideas...pleeeeeaaaazzzzzeeeee keep them coming!


No decisions or voting has taken place as yet. We need as many ideas and entries as possible and then the planning committee will draw up a short list by the 15 November 2011. Then we'll give two weeks for everyone to vote on their preferred choice and we'll go with the majority vote.


Where is GPS Storm our resident graphic designers? Perhaps they could put something together? I LOVE the one with the Giraffe - hy is baie oulik! But that is a good idea, a sort of sylised/cartoonified looking Giraffe or Ele or Rhino would be great.


I agree that the logo (which will also be the brand) needs to be simple and catchy. It needs to be interesting and printable in all or as many formats.


About SAMP - We don't necessarily need to use it or keep it as part of the logo. If things work out better as "MEGA South Africa" or "1st South African Mega" then that is also fine. I don't think that anything is cast in stone, other than the date and that it should say "MEGA" and "South Africa".




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