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What's in your bag?

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I always take an old pouch type glasses case...

In it I keep - a mini multi-tool, small torch, spare batteries (common to both torch & GPS'r), a horse shoe nail (very handy!), two cut down pencils, two or three spare cache logs in differing sizes, a couple of mini resealable poly-bags and a whistle (I cache alone, and you never know...).

Thats just in the pouch case, I also take whatever springs to mind that I may need depending on the location / weather / terrain that I'm caching in on that particular day. A small day sized backpack would hold wet weather gear, a flask of hot water, sachets of ready mixed coffee, a flapjack or two. Other things include a damp washleather and a pair of dry socks... (A wash leather!! Yep, nothing better for drying wet feet, believe me).

I should add that I only take what I think I'll need - i.e. I wouldn't take the backpack unless the walk justified taking it. If I'm only 15mins from my car then theres little point in taking it.

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Well it depends on the day and location (urban, country, or more remote) and I break it down into essentials, extras and the bonus items. I've only been caching a few months but every new experience leads me to go out with more items the next time. When you encounter a wet log book for the 2nd or 3rd time you realise it pays to bring a spare with you.


The bare minimum for me is (I don't go caching without these):

  • GPS Device
  • Pen
  • Pencil (or spare pen)
  • Notepad (for multi cache's writing up notes if the phone is going to die shortly etc.)
  • Items for swapping
  • Tweezers for helping get logbooks out of nano caches and micro caches (also handy for splinters)
  • Bottle of water

The added extras I find are invaluable are (i rarely go without these):

The things that can really help are (mostly the extras are for cache maintenance):

  • Spare film cannister
  • Spare logbooks
  • Tape
  • rubber bands
  • Clear plastic bags
  • A smallish rubbish bag for some tidying up if the area is heavily littered
  • Nano- or micro-cache ready to be deployed if I find a good spot

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OK Some where in history I asked this question but now...


I do not know where the caching bag is...


I Take:



Long trousers (about the only thing I have learned in my time caching :o )

Spare Batterys (when I remember)

A Pen/ Pencil (again when I remember)


My Daughter at 4years takes Caching bag:

Wellington boots or her "Stomping shoes",


Hat (sun or warm she decides),


A Snack,

A Drink,

A Pen (for when Daddy forgets),

Waterproof jacket,

Extra Jumper,


I started her taking a rucksack to carry her swops, the rest she started bringing herself.


She does not worry about shorts or skirts, when it gets prickly, muddy etc she sends daddy!


More than once she has got back to the car warm and dry where as daddy...


Who says with age comes wisdom :huh:

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Not in bag.. My dog.

Telescopic walking stick

Boots or wellys

In bag..gardening gloves

Colop inked stamp

Etrex 20 and Etrex yellow.

Cards and sticky labels with avitar and details of me.

Spare batteries


Magnifying glass

Bag of swaps

Pens and pencil

Water for dog and self

Bananas also for dog and self



Insect repellant In summer


At times a porter to carry this lot.

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For 'in-town' caching, I carry GPS or phone and pen. But......


Recently changed my bag (rucksack) to a Hi Gear Solace 25 Daypack (from Go Outdoors) - a really good 2 section sack that has a large compartment for things you'll not need all of the time and a smaller zip-down front compartment for things you're going to take out frequently for both geocaching and walking (the two go together don't you think!)


I found I carry (in no order of importance):


LED torch.

Smaller LED torch.

Biro Pens.

Thin Marker Pens (CD pens from Poundland!)

Small Multitool Knife.


First Aid Kit.

Pocket Tissues.


Spare Bootlaces.

Swappable items/Coins/Bugs.

Replacement Geocaches (film can, tube, magnetic nano, etc).



Thin teatowel.

Thick socks (useable as mittens!)

Serviettes (looks better than a bogroll!)

Various zip lock bags.

Nappy bag. (Do human-bears .... in the woods?)


Small roll black insulation tape.


Thin snap-off Stanley Knife.

GPS (Garmin HCx Legend)


500Ml water.

Foldable cup.

KFS set.

Small Flask of coffee.



2 x luminous snap-strap things are fastened on, along with pieces of cord, lace, ribbon, etc.

My phone (BlackBerry 9900) also has Geocache Navigator and Cachesense on it.


Sometimes I carry:

Small cookpan.

Gas Stove with metal cowl.

Tin of soup or similar 'canned meal'.

More waterproofs.

The wife's purse and mobile.


Everything has been selected for weight and I'm forever adding/removing stuff - I find the Poundshops are great for oddments and I find if I don't use something, it comes out after a while. The stuff I take may seem excessive but, as I wrote above, the rucksack doubles up as my walking/outdoor bag as I work in education and often find, because I'm considered an "outdoorsy person as people know I 'cache and walk", I'm chosen to go out so having everything to hand is useful as I can be asked to go at the last minute.



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We are very new to geocaching. Our bag contains:-


GPS (Etrex10)

Small torch


Small notebook

carrier bag (for any rubbish we find/produce)

Anti-bac hand gel

Wet wipes


Bite/sting cream

Swag for swaps

Disposable latex gloves


Spare batteries


I always have my iPhone too so we have the geocaching app and camera


As we continue with this hobby I'm sure we'll add to this....

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Light caching with a purse:

*Swag bag - some swag, sig items, extra little baggies of various sizes and extra replacement logbooks



*Extra Batteries

*Slim notebook with the simplified cache info

*Small notebook for various notes

*Like 20 Pens, 3 different types

*Sharpies (double ended)


*TBs if I have any on me


Day Pack:

*All of the above but usually in larger sizes or quantities.

*Water Bottles if I don't feel like using the water bladder

*Food - usually dried fruit,ect

*Everything that I would normally need to bring with me in my purse


*Hand Sanitizer



*HandySaks - Packet of 1 gallon bags used for Cito and various uses

*Mini LED Flashlight


Letterboxing (2 compartment makeup bag):

*Ink Pads

*Stamp Markers

*Sig Stamp

*Slim notebook of clues


*Ziplock bag

*Extra baggies of various sizes

*Small spray bottle to clean stamps

*Hitchhikers/Cooties/Fleas if I have any on me

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