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Base Camp VS Map Source with Nuvi 1300 & Oregon 450

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What are the differences between Base Camp and Map Source? Is one better than the other for specific type use? I have a Nuvi 1300 for the car and an Oregon 450 for geocaching and hiking. It seems both devices will work with either program but I'm not sure both programs are necessary. Your thoughts and input are appreciated.



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Honest truth, If Map Source is working, that's all you need. the only advantage BaseCamp gives, if the map data has an altitude data layer, is the 3D view (90 to 45 degree fly-over) Otherwise, Map Source is good enough for the 90-degree view (direct overhead)


I too have a 1300, which does just fine with the topo data, I've actually got 5 different map datas filtered through MapSource, on the SD card in mine, I've also fed the same data to an eTrex Venture HCx, which doesn't show a 3D view, but handles the data quite well, showing Topo, rout-able streets, and 3 different trail maps from off GPS File Depot.

(sure wish I could've gotten the North America' map update for the 1300, to also be loadable under Map Source. That was a quirk from when I updated the maps on an old 205 that got stolen.)

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Basecamp works better than Mapsource when it comes to downloading tracks and waypoints from the 450.

Mapsource does not know how to read the directory structure on the 450.


Honest question here. Isn't the track and waypoint info held in a GPX file on the unit? Can't that GPX file be opened in Mapsource like any other GPX file?


I keep seeing statements in this forum that Mapsource will not work with the newer units because of their file based systems. Is this a problem if you understand the system and have a basic understanding of how to explore a drive and manipulate files.


It's inevitable that I will one day own one of these units. I would hate to lose Mapsource as it does everything I need it to do without having to stumble through things that I don't need.

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You cannot import your tracks and waypoints directly into Mapsource from the 450, hence the statement that Baecamp works better.

The GPX files must first be transferred from the unit via Win explorer to your PC and then opened in Mapsource - no problem with that.


I too prefer Mapsource for sorting my tracks amd waypoints, but Basecamp is almost at a point where I would use it all of the time.

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