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Please share stories of what you were doing and where were you when 9/11/01 happened.


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I am having this contest today to share with everyone what I was doing and where I was on the day of 9/11/01. Everyone that posts and shares their stories will be entered into a drawing and will win a random geocoin. Unactivated and trackable. There is no rules except to only enter 1 entry please. Contest will end at Mid-night tonight. 9/11/11.


I work with the mentally and physically handicapped, I was at a local hospital as my client just had surgery. I just done a all niter and in the morning went to the waiting room turned on the TV and could not believe my eyes on what had just happened at the site of seeing one plane just hit the Twin Towers, there in shock I stood, not really comprehending what had just happened. I didnt know whether to scream or cry. I stood there in disbelief, moment later seen a second plane hit the other Twin Tower. I had knew at this point this was going to be a sad day for the rest of our lives that this was a terrorist attack.


Today and all the years since this horrific day, I always fly our flag at half staff with honor of all the men and woman that have died, the firefighters that died in the line of duty, all that have lost loved ones, and for the people who lived and were injured. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank my husband for being a fire fighter. He saves lives and does a hell of a job what he loves best. When there is a call on the line of duty he gets a adrenalin rush and puts his own life in danger to save others. He is my own personal hero in my eyes and I am proud to be a wife of a firefighter. God Bless and remember to have a moment of silence for all who suffered on 9/11/01

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why would you, or anyone, want to relive those moments? :blink:


personally i think if you want to run a cointest on this subject it should be geared towards more positive thoughts, like how people observe this day each year or something along those lines

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I was at work listening on the radio. I tried to concentrate on work, but I couldn't stop listening. It was nearly 10 hours before I got to a TV and saw the images.


I posted a topic in the Off Topic forum asking where you were at and what you were doing on 9-11-2001. Please check it out and post if you like.


9-11-2001 We Will Never Forget!!!

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I don't wish to enter this cointest.... But would like to point out that everybody deals with this subject differently. Today is a day of mixed feelings today. It is the marking of the loss of thousands of lives, crushed families, a country that had to collect themselves and band together. Today also marks my wife's birthday. I am gracious for my family and my country.

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I do not think this is tacky...This is a day to remember and it should always stand as a reminder to us to try to be better to each other.


I was working at a resort in Jasper Alberta and was actually in bed as I had worked until 3am the night before. The dorm style rooms we lived in had paper thin walls and a friend next door had his TV on and I could hear what was going on. I made my way next door in time to watch the second plane. As the morning went on more and more people arrived in the room and we all just sat in silence staring at the horror on the screen.


I will never forget.


Since that day I have strived to be a better person and try to leave each day better that it started. I have 2 young boys now and I try to teach them this in hopes that they may never have to see what we all saw on the screen that day.



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I am having this contest today to share with everyone what I was doing and where I was on the day of 9/11/01. Everyone that posts and shares their stories will be entered into a drawing and will win a random geocoin. Unactivated and trackable. There is no rules except to only enter 1 entry please. Contest will end at Mid-night tonight. 9/11/11.


This day should always be remembered. I was working at the time for an Amercian Company that had just effected busniess with Goldman Sachs.


We were all mesmorized to the TV.


Let us not forget.

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Weather this is a cointest or not I have no problem posting as it does help us remember but it all depends on how put your story as to if it has a positive side to it or not.

I was living in Cyprus at the time running a local youth hostel. I had just finished the morning check outs and had a few minutes to have a coffee and switched on the TV and to be honest I thought it was a film not the news. It took a while for it to sink in as to what was going on. I do remember calling as many people as I could to tell them to turn on their tv. And as I watched the second plane hit. I was there pretty much the whole day. And in the following days it really pushed me make something better of my life, so I understand that it was a horrific event but it showed me not to waste my life.

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Well...I was in Rhodes of course! maybe greece and other countries looked far far away on a map... but this day... we all came close... we all felt the pain the sorrow... it was like a knife in our heart too!


I was working in an umbrella shop in the cetre of Rhodes city! rhodes is famous for the umbrella shops!

anyway... I worked until 2 and then I went hope to eat and get some rest.... at 5 I had to return to the shop until.... officially 9 but if there were customers etc... we were not closing...


I was at home and I was prepearing to go to work again when we saw the breaking news on TV.... It was the first airplane that fell on the towers.... while the camera was showing the towers, and while the reporter was translating from CNN I think... We saw the second airplain! I remember my self asking loudly... what this stupid pilot is doing??? and we saw live... or almost live... the second crash! We were all freezed! even the reporter stoped for a while and then started talking again but we could hear that he was freaked too! I kept watching the news... which were not braking news... it was the whole program from the time they were connected.... but I had to leave to go to work! I didn't even had the courage to go... I didn't want but I had to! When we saw that the crashes.. we all said... this is war!


I had cousins in Manhattan... one had a restaurant! I had relatives even in Pentagon! A cousin was (I think he stil is) a marine and the guy in the pentagon, was an officer! we had just left (only 15 minutes ago) before the attack in the Pentagon! some of his friends... were killed... I do not know where he is now... he probably left the army...


We started calling relatives... their closest families to know if they are ok! They didn't know either... they couldn't reach anyone in their mobile!


I went to the work and the streets were empty! It was like a war had started... everyone was in their houses, watching the news! We were all socked! We were all talking about this! I friend who had a jewellery shop on the street the shop I was working were... had a tv and he was telling us any later news! He told us the fall of the towers! We saw it later... but it was....


that was wrong... that was bad!! even the weather looked dull and heavy.... and usually wasn't like that here in rhodes..... it was probably the mude we had....and not the weather....


we all, no matter from where we are... which country etc... have relatives in the USA! so this effected us too! No matter if nothing happent to our... blood relatives... we felt that someone very close to us was killed! that we lost relatives... members of our family!


that was because these were innocent people!!! they had nothing to do with anything... they were only trying to work to bring money to their home... for their family!


It was something extremelly bad that nobody will ever forget... and I hope we will not see something similar ever again!


Oh... something else... at that day... a greek soccer team.. Panathinaikos was palying forthe eyrpean champions leage with a german team if I remember well.... we were all saying that nope... the game will not start... after all... we were all in red allert after the attack....

Panathinaikos was not playing in Greece...

anyway... the game started!!! They kept 1 minute of silence... and they played... Panathinaikos won by 2-0 if I remember well.. but who actually had the mude to celebrate?? not even the players! I stil believe that it was not a good idea to start the game but UEFA was rulling....


No I am not a fan of that team, but when greek or cypriot teams are playing in Europe... I am a fan of them...


back to the theme....


so many innocent lives were gone without even knowing why! some... maybe didn't even realise what happent!

the poor passengers in the airplanes... the People in the towers... huh....! :(


all this showed me how fragile we are, that I have to live my life because I do not know what may happen...so not to waste my life... and I also saw that heroew still exist and you can see them in difficult times... they are next door people... but when they are needed.... they can give their life to help others....

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I am not writing to win a coin but writing because today is a day I struggle with. I will always remember that day because my husband and I was going to go on our first airplane ride on that day. My daughter was married and her husband was in the military. We was going to celebrate our anniversary by flying down to see them. By the time our flight was scheduled to fly all airplanes had been grounded.

I think of this day every year, both with sadness and as a blessing. I am sad for all that lost their lives. But I am blessed because it could of been the plane my husband and I would of been on that day. I look at my life now and all I would of missed out on.I would of missed seeing my two grandsons. I think of all those that lost their lives, their families because the ones they lost have missed out on so much, but also thankful that I wasn't on one of the planes.

Thank you, to your husband for being a fire fighter.

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I think some people are missing the point,... the cointest allows us to post in the geocoin discussion area so that our remembrances are shared with our friends in this area instead of the off topic area. I get it and am thankful for the opportunity!

As for what I was doing that day.....luckily was off that day, I was sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office with my wife. She was have a breakdown due to post traumatic stress from her previous relationship. We were waiting to be seen when the news of the first plane striking the tower came on the TV. This made matters worse... I am a firefighter/paramedic and my wife worries everytime I head to work. My first thought was that the firefighters were going to have a nightmare fighting that fire..... Climbing 100floors up the stairs just to reach the fire at the same time all those people were coming down the stairwells. When we realized it was an attack the waiting room fell silent. When the first tower fell I felt my heart in my throat. I knew that many firefighters had just lost their lives and their families would be forever changed.

I will be spending the day in quiet reflection and remembrance of all those who died that day... Especially 343 fellow firefighters who bravely went into the towers that day and never returned.

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I think some people are missing the point,... the cointest allows us to post in the geocoin discussion area so that our remembrances are shared with our friends in this area instead of the off topic area. I get it and am thankful for the opportunity!

I think this says it pretty good. I do not think it is tacky or disrespectful at all.


on a side note, check out this pic I took today. I t turned out alot better than I expected considering it was taken with my dumb phone...


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I didn't see this thread yesterday. I am so sorry that it has fostered some conflicting thoughts. I have always been of the mindset that I like to always remember where I've been so that I know where I'm going. I do not think that this thread is tacky at all; nor do I think the cointest is wrong. Remembrances are just that...remembrances. Thank you for starting this thread, Sweetlife. As a former police officer myself, and the brother-in-law of a former firefighter, I compeltely understand your motiviation.


It may be too late to enter, but I will share my story anyway. I was working at a new job (I had been there for less than 6 months) and had a son who was less than 3 months old. My wife was at home with our infant son, and she called me at work to tell me that a plane had just crashed into the WTC. While we were talking, the other tower was hit. At this point, word had not spread all over the office yet, and I mentioned the "T" word to her (she said that no one on the TV had thought of terrorism yet either). As the events unfolded, no one at work could focus, and they eventually sent everyone home to be with their families, once it became more clear what we were facing on that horrific day.


NEVER FORGET...(but don't be afraid to talk about it, either).

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Didn't see the thread till today. But weather the cointest is over or not i thought i'd share my story.


I was in the U.S Navy at the time on a 6 month deployment. We where in port at Plymouth England at the time. I was down in the birthing just hanging out and considering if i wanted to head out into town for the day. It was near or just after lunch when i started hearing whispers thought the ship that the World Trade Center had be struck my a plain. My first thought was 'What movie are you guys watching up there'. So i made my way up to CIC to see what was going on. When i got in there they had the stereo tuned into BBC radio. Where we where listening to the reports. A shipmate of mine jumped onto the computer and pulled up CNN.com and started watching the video of the attack. By that evening we where heading out to see. There was another US ship visiting England on a PR mission. Since it had no munitions where where tasked to take station near it and protect it if needed.


Fortunately all this went down half way through the deployment. After the attack we hardly visited another port unless there was a need to. So all our resupplying was done ship to ship. We went from making 4 day port calls every other week to one a month for only a day or 2. The battle group that relieved us was also stuck with minimal port calls.

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I am very appreciative for you to share your stories. It helps me when I am sad and scared or worried or confused about something, I have a friend to talk to. I posted this in the Goocaching Forums and sadden it got somewhat bashedfrown.png I did not intend for it to be anything bad. Just wanted it to bring all closer as one nation, one community, one family. No matter where you are this is a day that has impacted everyone some way some how. I am proud to be a American. God Bless.


With this said, the random winner is:serchnsoul, please email me and send me your mailing address.


Again Thank You all who participated in my first contest.

Have a wonderful day.


P.S. Thank You for entering this cointest and for sharing your story after it was over. If ones like to still post that would be great, if moderators forsee that this thread get closed now contest is over then you can do so. I enjoyed reading so much about everyone's experiences on 9/11/2001

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I did not think that posting this as a cointest was tacky and distasteful. That was not my intentions. I am sorry If I have offended anyonefrown.png I am still shocked tho that many did not want to share how they felt or where they where on this day, 10 years ago. This forums is not all family friendly and all as people try to make it be. This is why I have stepped back from geocoins and taking part here in the forums much. Ones that took part, Thank You I truly mean it and being my first contest, I cannot say it was a first positive experience.~Valarie of sweetlife

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I beleive that this was probably a missunderstaning.... You had to do it like a cointest...so it can stay here and not in the off topic!


No matter what, we all respect the victims and their families... and we will never forget what happent... no matter from where we are! I am nto american but I felt that it was an attack to my brothers and sisters! It was an attack against humanity!


You know.... we always say.... huh... if that or an other thing (I am talking about serious things...) happen... who will help us... who will stand there for us... this attack showed us some things.... except that we are so fragile... it brought us closer! it vanished the border lines on the maps and we all became like a family...we felt the loss and unger even if we were thousands of miles away! but it also showed us something big! Heroes, exist!!! they are pepole who probably do not evne know... people who will probably never know their names! people who even if they didn't know who was traped etc... they risked their lives to save them.... and many died trying it! It showed that more or less.. in hard times... we find the strength to stand on our feet.. and to help others too!


Yesterday Greek tV rpograms has movies or documentaries about the attack! I saw the movie about the firemen and the coastguards... I saw the documentary about the flight 93, I saw the attack in pentagon... huh!!!

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