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downloading to Nuvi 265W

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I have a Garmin Colorado 300 as my hand held unit. I also have a Garmin Nuvi 265W as my navigation unit. Before I installed GSAK, I tried to download PQ's into the nuvi and never had much luck. Everyone said' "Get GSAK to load them". Okay, I just installed GSAK and still having woes. Can someone tell me step by step what I need to do? While I'm asking...does anyone know of a good tutorial or an actual book explaining GSAK?

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I usually cache with an Oregon 400 and a nuvi.


My preference (I use the nuvi for driving to the cache) is to load the Nuvi with POI's (they go in the \garmin\POI directory).


On most nuvi's, once you load it as a gpx, you have to clear them out individually one at a time from the favorites list, as a POI, you can just delete everything by deleting the one POI file.

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OK..While there are several ways to load a 265W, I use GSAK, and a macro that creates a POI or a .GPX that loads onto it like a POI.


The macro I use is Convertnuvigpx, there is another, but I only used it once, the one I listed here, works quite well.


I created a folder for each of my GPS'rs as I have the Nuvi 200 and Nuvi 265w, and a Oregon 550T.


The cool thing about this macro...is you can customize the Icon...the macro will generate 3 files. I take the .GPX and .jpg, the .jpg, can be opened in paint, and resized or edited, then just open the Garmin POI Loader app.


K hope this helps, it is really easy to do, and works great!

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