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Can not delete text on my coins page


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Hiya! So, this is my first trackable and I just activated it and all that fun stuff..but when I went to the page to view it, there is this text that reads "This Friend of the Frog award is given to volunteers who have served for five years. Groundspeak sincerely thanks and honors this volunteer for their generosity, dedication and passionate contribution to the game of geocaching.


This is not collectible."


This is not part of my coin, and I cant seem to find anyway to edit and delete it. It does not show up anywhere in my edit pages.


Anybody know what this is all about? Is it normal?



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Is it normal?

That's just plain weird. Many coins have special text, which is added to the trackable page automatically and can't be edited (the Geico gecko tags, for example). But the text has generally been appropriate to the actual coin. It's such an unusual thing, I'd be tempted to leave it that way (but I'm strange like that).


I think you could contact Groundspeak and have it corrected. Maybe there was a problem when the codes were assigned.

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Looks like the folks at GGA may have included a geocoin description with the volunteer coins they made. No, it's not typical but coin makers and associations that commission coins can be a bit non conformist at times. I wouldn't sweat it unless it really bothers you.

Wow...if that's true, I wish I would have known about it when I had my Look Twice Coins made

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