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Benchmarking 101 presentation


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I'm working on a Benchmarking 101 presentation. I've found close to 400 and have that experience. Obliviously I want to present correct information. I've read the Me First! thread too.


I would like to cover the GC.com site and how benchmarks are presented. I would like to include other helpful tips whatever they may be.


Does anyone have any resources that could be helpful to create this presentation?



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I was asked to do what GeocacheAlaska! Inc. (our state geocaching organization) calls an EduVent about Benchmarks. Here's the link to the handout I used, in PDF form. The actual powerpoint presentation is not currently available on the GeocacheAlaska website, but that will be reloaded soon. You're welcome to use anything from the presentation. Hope this is helpful.


GeocacheAlaska Benchmark EduVent Presentation


My challenge was two-fold: 1) convey the sense of excitement I enjoy in benchmark hunting, and 2) convey the need for accuracy in logging finds. With only 45 minutes to do this presentation, those two points were enough to try and cover. I had an additional powerpoint presentation which featured nothing but "eye candy" shots of terrifically beautiful or significant locations I'd visited while benchmarking, and that ran on the screen while I answered questions from attendees. It's just scratching the surface to put this information across in 30 minutes of speaking and then taking questions for another 15 minutes, but I tried...


GeocacheAlaska! Inc. presents EduVents monthly on a wide variety of topics during the off-summer season. The evening meetings are hosted at a central location, and sent real-time using WebEx to 'remote' locations. EduVents reach across a state one-fifth the size of the lower 48, responding to member requests for 'how-to' information with interactive live-action presentations. Existing EduVent presentations can be seen on the education page at the geocachealaska.org website.

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One mistake in the excellent presentation by Wes is that the slides with towers, etc. should be labelled "Intersection Stations". They usually do not have Elevations as they were accidentally labeled.


The PID grid map is only applicable for older stations. Now the NGS assigns PIDs that were previously unused without regard to where they fall on the map.


I would suggest a hand trowel, not a shovel, and add a warning about hitting underground utilities such as cable, fiber optic, telephone, and (usually deeper) electric power. Any of those could be expensive or even dangerous.

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There used to be a pdf benchmarking explanation sheet (similar to Geocaching University) that kinda explained what you were doing to landowners. I downloaded this and had many copies printed out.....but can't for the life of me remember where I got it. Maybe others here can point it out, and you could add it to your presentation.

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