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Geocaching in the US Virgin Islands..


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We went on a cruise down there for our honeymoon. We only snatched one earth cache on grand Turk and only spent a few minutes on like two others. Not much luck. But hey, at least we got the territory in our find history.


I recommend spend some good time looking at logs and such BEFORE you go. You don't want to waste your time out there on the computer or gps or looking for something that has the last 5 attempts DNFs. And favorite points of course are a good indicator. But there probably aren't that many of those out there since favorites are fairly new and those caches don't exactly get hit up every day.


Have fun. It's beautiful down there!

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I'm interested to see what you find as I'll be in the USVI next summer. I was in the Turks & Caicos about a month ago and did some research before I left and found that a majority of caches were only accessible by boat from the location I was staying, a few on the main island were disabled and one was in a resort that was only available to residents. I ended up finding only a few actual containers and attained all the criteria needed to complete a few earthcaches. I would've liked to rent a boat and travel around the islands but couldn't due to time contraints. There was also a cache placed in 2009 that hasn't been found yet and may be due to its remote location as there are very few logs. Good luck and have fun.

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