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"This display name has been taken already."


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Are you remembering to type in your password near the top? You need to do that to make any changes, even if you are already logged in.


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This this a new login called M@? If so it may be the M@ as the display name of your tofska account that it is complaining about? You may need to change tofska's display name to something other than M@ in order to eliminate this message... If you have just renamed toska to M@ then I would agree with Markwell, maybe the M@ is freaking the system out.




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Hi Nick,

Originally posted by BigNick:

This this a new login called M@?

Nuh - just editing my tofska account, which I'm not renaming. The only thing I'm changing is setting up an avatar image. It probably is something to do with the '@', although it did let me set this up in the first place.

Cheers, M@

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What about removing the @, then saving, then attaching avatar, saving, then change name back to M@??


Might want to create a dummy account (N@?) to test before maybe screwing up the M@ name - then ask for the account to be removed when finished testing. This would prove or disprove the @ problem.




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