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You've found 284 caches (280 distinct)

Coyote's Girl
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What does it mean?

Four extra "Found It" logs are on those caches. It sometimes seems to be a little glitch, where you see two logs pretty much identical. I did a quick search, but didn't see anything promising.


[EDIT] Glad you figured it out already! :anicute:

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For the benefit of others with the same problem (and entertainment for the rest of us), can you please post what you found and how to look for it? Thanks.

Well, I never had this in my profile before today, so I came here to see if someone could help me out. In the meantime I went to check the caches I'd logged today since that seemed to be where the problem originated. I had indeed double logged 4 caches. Just looked at the cache names up and down the list, then deleted the extras.

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GSAK thought I had a big double-log situation recently; I had logged about 20 caches, then submitted the my finds PQ, then deleted my logs and re-logged the caches. When I loaded a fresh PQ a few days later, both sets of finds showed up in the database. Once I cleaned out the database and reloaded the fresh PQ, it went away.

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