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Possibly reset by concrete crew


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Hey Everyone. I got to find one benchmark while on vacation this weekend and it looks like it may have been reset by a crew who put in a handicap ramp in place of steps. Would you mind looking at the pics and reading the datasheet......then giving your opinion?


The datasheet says it should be in a step, but it is now in a handicap ramp, and is angled where it would have been placed in the ramp when it was made.


I made an initial log on gc.com, basically as a way to place the pics for everyone to see....and will edit it accordingly.


Thanks Bobby







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Definitely moved by the concrete crew and thus its position is DESTROYED. If the description calls for a step, it should be in a step. The concrete probably looks newer than 1976, too?


I've never seen a disk (that I trusted) with the face at an odd angle, so I would call attention to that fact even if there was no mention of steps. It would be possible for someone to reset a disk this way and maintain the elevation if the tilt put the high spot within the diameter of the disk, but this looks like more tilt than that, I doubt any surveyor would reset it that way, and the circumstances say there isn't a chance in a million they did it here.

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Interesting find and a good catch.


Not often you can find a disk set in carpet. :)


Even if one were to consider the ramp as one long “step” this would still not fit the description because the disk is not in the northeast corner of that step.


Someone probably thought they were doing a good thing when they saved and re-installed the disk – I give them an “A” for their intention and effort. Unfortunately they likely didn’t realize that there are guidelines that must be religiously followed in order to reset a disk. :P

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Looks DESTROYED to me, but I can't be certain from you pictures here.


If the original monumentation was in a step, then the disk should be more-or-less parallel to the ground surface.

If the disk is parallel to the current ramp surface, then the contractor did it wrong, and should have reported their actions to the NGS (and should have not re-mounted the disk).

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Ahhh, just maybe whoever did place the ramp consulted with a surveyor or a surveyor was on the spot and oversaw the whole thing.


What I am saying is, you are all second-guessing the situation. I thought we were to just write a note on the Benchmark page as to what we find at the time.


Isn't it up to the real surveyors to check it out if they so choose to do so and do whatever they do by either 1. correct it or 2. send in a destroyed report to the NGS or 3. judge it to be usable and use it.


Now, if you want a discussion on how to log it, we can talk about that.... It was found with a question on usability or just a note, not a find as questionable as to the setting. This would flag it for others.



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Still new at the whole benchmark thing, but I would think, for logging it here, a note probably makes the most sense. As far as logging an NGS Recovery, poor (with a description of what was observed) seems to be the fitting category, and they could decide what to do about it. The big question though is if the people involved contacted the NGS before (seemingly) disturbing and/or moving the mark.


Poor, disturbed, mutilated, requires maintenance

I think that would count as disturbed. :) Talking to the church authorities might shed some light on the subject. (Maybe they actually went through the proper channels before putting the ramp in.)

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