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Tough friggin' crowd. I think it's awesome. A strange way to report a software bug, but awesome, all the same. :P
Oh don't get me wrong, I also find the video itself to be pretty cool. Problem is that it doesn't help the cause of the OP at all :P
Yep, it seems to me their time would have been better spent detailing what happens, rather than fuzzing it all out in a grainy video.


Also curious why you felt the need to open a new thread, when you already started a thread about it? "OPOP"

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Don't sweat it there yawppy. I favorited the video on You Tube, and then to boot, I used to widget to auto tweet that I favorited it to Twitter. So take that, you meanies. :D


Oh, and I haven't logged a TB in like a month, so I have no input on the bug.


TY...I re-posted mainly because, I just can not figure out why the error page, Yes, I have cleared the cache of cookies, and re-booted, but it just re-appears.


Figured had a new app...figured I'd put up a video...sure it ain't the greatest, but I am no film director, and so am pretty shocked at all the "reg" critics. Of course...guess I should of known, but that is how these forums work.


K well now I know...It is on my end, just was curious if anyone else had this happen on a regular basis, for the last 2 weeks or so, no big deal, just an extra couple of clicks.

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