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Paperless info not showing on GPS


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I have a GPSMAP62S and I am having a problem with all the info showing. If I download the caches one at a time from the map page everything is fine. I do a search for a number of caches (series) on the search page and tag them all. I then download them to my gps. When I look at them all I get is the bare minimum of info. No logs, hints, description...etc. I even tried doing the search and from the results page and I download one cache and check to see what info I have...same results. No logs, hints, description...etc. I have done PQ's before and they turn out fine. Am I missing something?

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The only way to get all the paperless data for a group of caches is through a PQ. The way your talking about, selecting caches from the search page then using the download all waypoints gives you only the minimal info in a .loc file. The paperless data only comes in the .gpx format.

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Thanks guys for the quick replies. I was afraid that was the case. I have ran a few PQ's but that was for a specific route. How hard is it to run a PQ when all you want is a series where the first part of the title is the same..IE Birding 101 XXXXX, birding 101 ZZZZZZ, birding 101 CCCCCC. In my area there are quite a few series (8-10 each) where they are not all in a line so a search makes it easier.

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There's several ways of doing that:


1) Make a large-area PQ. You can get up to 1000 caches that way, and if those caches are reasonably close to each other, they will be included. Yeah you'll also get a lot more caches than that, but who cares? On your GPS, you can then do a text-based search for only the caches you want.


2) Make a PQ from a bookmark list. If you're lucky, somebody already has a public bookmark list with exactly those caches. Otherwise you can make your own and then run a PQ from that. Quite cumbersome if there's a lot of caches that you want though.


3) Same as #1, but instead of loading the PQ onto your GPS, load it up in GSAK or something similar and filter out the caches there. Then you can load only the ones you want.

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