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Cointest - A Random Act Of Kindness


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WOW!!! thank you so much!!!! Happy new year to all!!


Yes... 2011 was not a good year for me and my family... I hope 2012 eill be a better one.... even if politicians and economists say that 2012 will be worse... the main thing is to have our health! Well.. I hope to see my mother, sister and my brother in law soon... we are all counting days until we meet again... and we will have Christmas and new year's eve again, but all together this time!... just like we are with the old calendar! :laughing:


I loved doing Raok things... some were random and some just some good things... I mean... can you name RAOK... to fix and paint the whole rood of the block of the apartments you live... because no one else is interested? It was good for my house and for all the others... some things couldn't be fixed and need a profecional... but...at least I did all the others...


In some cases.. I wrote... I do not know if this was good...and some might take it as bad... but personaly I feel ok by doing that... and to be honest... I would like your opinion... was I right?


one day I saw 2 children torturing a kitten! they were chasing it and hiting it with a piece of wood... the poor kitten was trying to avoid them but since it was all the time with them... it was coming back... I yelled to the children about it and said to them that if they do that again they will deal with me! the children didn't want the kitten to follow them... but I told them that the cat can not understand that! they had it all the time with them... so it is logical for it to follow them! I am sure they told their parents that I was a bad man... but... was I wrong?? the kitten followed me and the next morning we found it in front of our exit! :)


she was adopted by us and out neighbours.. and she is staying in her own box... near the roof! :D she is a big and beautiful cat now! :)


So.. didn't I do the right thing? I feel yes! I might didn't act very nice by yelling to the kids but... what about the poor cat?


anyway...the best feeling in all Raoks was the look of the unknown women or men.. mostly old.. who helped...

one old lady had difficulties in carrying her shoping bags.. and I just helped! well... she thought I was doing it for money and wanted to pay me... but I explained that I was just helping! I still remember the surprise in her eyes!!! :D She probably thought I was an allien! :laughing:


oh... btw... me and my best friend here... saved a baby dog that someone.. threw on the street... :mad: the doggy is now adopted by my friend and his family! :D


anyway.... thank you soooo much for this amazing cointest and thank you all for your wishes too! :)

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