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Any must do caches on the North Norfolk coast?

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I don't know the cache, but the site at Bard Hill, on the hill above Salthouse which is spot on your location, is one of my favourite places in the world - perfect for a picnic if it's a nice day.


It's top of my list next time I'm up that way.


The caches away to the west by Wells may well be worth a look too - based, again, on knowing the location.

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I'd be tempted to go for The Sunrise Coast Cache (Ness Point) at Lowestoft http://coord.info/GC1Q1FG


"Britains Most Easterly Cache"

The Sunrise Coast Cache (Ness Point)


This cache is located at the most easterly point in Britain, Ness Point.


But then I like weird challenges...

I already have West is Best (Ardnamurchan Point) http://coord.info/GC13YNY the most westerly point of mainland Britain.

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I live in North Norfolk


my favourites are Holkham Haul / Lucy and Tim's Wedding by the sea both at Wells. I favourited Lucy and Tims for the views over the sea and lovely woods, Muggles abound though.


My other favourite that way is 'a secret place full of magic' just on the way to Wells - an iron age hill fort tucked away.


if you fancy a series then I strongly recommend ascending the weavers way or others by canarygal around North Walsham


Sheringham Park is very nice though better when the rhododendrons are in flower.


of course if you are passing then pick up Bear Tracks and Bears love Hunny - the best around and absolutely nothing to do with me I promise!!


sorry is a bit rushed- am at work, hope this helps

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Been lurking a while but had to make a first post to thank people for the suggestions on this thread. We (myself, slightly sceptical husband and a couple of 'interested' friends and their dog) found ourselves with some time on our hands after driving up to Cromer to put up our bell tent as a present for a couple of newly weds, to give them a couple of days away as they can't afford the time off work at the moment. I just hope the hurricane tail end doesn't live up to its potential as she is a first time camper and the new hubby really hopes she like it!


Anyway despite the ribbing over my 'geeky' new hobby I convinced them that Sheringham Park was worth a visit. £4.50 :o to park they said! I was (more than)slightly grumpy by now, wedding party hangover and the effort of tent setting up with no gain for me combined (I know there is the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something for others but the dehydration was getting to me). Well, lets just go home then I said, no we might as well they said, dog needs a walk. Off we set, they have no idea of the hunt, if I wandered off they just disapeared and left me to it, so with fear of getting left behind I was giving up on treasure and getting grumpier as they all took the P, till I realised what a beautiful place we were in. As did everyone else. It was a wonderful day, glorious sunshine with so many amazing vistas. And we must go back for the rhodies in bloom. I can't believe I had never been there before. Used to holiday in Sheringham and Cromer as a kid, and picnicked at Pretty Corner. At the end of the day I only managed three caches, but gradually gaining the interest of my companions - who now have to admit that my geeky new hobby had taken them to a wonderful place not otherwise visited,and the £4.50 was worth every coin!


And thats what I think is great about geocaching. :D


Thanks everyone. Sorry this is a bit of a long first post I do like ramble a bit.

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We're back from our break :) we'd planned to do Sheringham park on Saturday afternoon, but had a few others to try on Saturday morning that were more cache and dashy as the forecast was for rain. We found the 4 we looked for, some lovely spots - by far and away the best was Porkers Prize - Baconsthorpe Castle a ruined castle that we explored for a while, nice and quiet, very interesting, not at all touristy :)


It then rained most of the afternoon and the kids didn't want to go out for a longer walk, so we missed Sheringham park completely! :rolleyes:

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